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"Rangers, this is your new Supertrain Megazord"
Angela Fairweather

The Supertrain Megazord was the combination of the Rail Rescues and the second of the Lightspeed Rangers' Megazords in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.


As the Rail Rescues were large enough to house the Lightspeed Rescuezords, the Supertrain Megazord was substantially larger than the other Megazords. Rail Rescues 1 and 2 formed the arms, Rail Rescue 3 formed the thighs, head, and torso, and Rail Rescues 4 and 5 formed the legs. Unfortunately, due to the massive output needed to power the Zords in their Megazord form, the Supertrain often overloaded itself, which resulted in the Rangers being injured from within the cockpit. During its initial battle, the Megazord nearly tore itself apart, overloading twice by using its weapons.

The Supertrain Megazord had a shoulder-mounted missile launcher and train head-like Gatling gun at its disposal, known as its Gatling Blasters, formed from the front components of Rail Rescues 1 and 2, which could fire ice missiles cold enough to freeze volcanos and a salvo of missiles and energy blasts strong enough to destroy Trifire. At first, the Megazord was almost twice as tall as its opponents, until some later monsters were grown even larger (by way of Jinxer's special growth cards) to combat it.

Its finisher was the Turbine Supercharge, where it detaches the train-head weaponries from its shoulders and attaches them over its hands. It would then charge them up with energy before pressing against the monster with energy blasts from the train head and finishing them with a barrage of missiles.


The Rail Rescues are originally invented to only transport the Rescuezords into battle using the railroad tracks throughout Mariner Bay. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Lightspeed Teamwork

Eventually, Magmavore and Trifire are revived in new forms by the newly arrived Queen Bansheera that prove too much for the Lightspeed Megazord to handle, so Miss Fairweather was forced to resort to this untested combination. Although it came dangerously close to self-destructing, it pulled through and annihilated the two monsters. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rising From Ashes

The Supertrain Megazord is badly damaged by Diabolico who blows a hole right through the Megazord's gut) but not destroyed and is easily repaired later on. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Cobra Strikes

Soon after, the new Omega Megazord renders it and and the Lightspeed Megazord obsolete. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Omega Project

In the final battle against Super Demons Diabolico and Olympius, it is piloted by Chad but its arm is dismantled due to the heavy amounts of damage it takes and therefore loses a massive amount of power, rendering it useless in the process. It is not known whether it was repaired although it is seen having its remains loaded onto carrier trucks. However, it is not known whether the remains were sent back to the Aquabase for long term repairs or scrapped due to the Megazord being beyond repair. The latter is most likely since the Demons were eliminated not long after. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rise of the Super Demons


Appearances: Lightspeed Rescue Episodes


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Rail Rescues

The Rail Rescues are the secondary Zords, mainly functioning as carrier Zords, although they are the first to appear in the show. They consist of five train vehicles that can store the Rescuezords or Omegazords. When traveling through Mariner Bay, they combine to form one train in numerical order (1 is the first car and five is the last) and use the local train tracks for travel.

Each Rail Rescue was based off of a different type of train car.

  • Rail Rescue 1: A locomotive
  • Rail Rescue 2: A subway car
  • Rail Rescue 3: A freighter
  • Rail Rescue 4: A coach car
  • Rail Rescue 5: A bullet train 

Rail Rescue 1

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoLiner 1

Rail Rescue 1: Transports Pyro Rescue 1 or Omegazord 1 and forms Supertrain Megazord's right arm. It measures at 49.3 meters long and weighs at 2,700 tons. The Rail Rescue 1 design is based on a steam locomotive.

Appearances: Lightspeed Rescue Episodes

Rail Rescue 2

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoLiner 2

Rail Rescue 2: Transports Aqua Rescue 2 or Omegazord 2 and forms Supertrain Megazord's left arm. It measures at 50.7 meters long and weighs at 3,600 tons. Its design is based on an subway car train.

Appearances: Lightspeed Rescue Episodes

Rail Rescue 3

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoLiner 3

Rail Rescue 3: Transports Aero Rescue 3 or Omegazord 3 and forms Supertrain Megazord's head, body, and upper legs. It measures at 48.2 meters long and weighs at 3,400 tons. Its design is based on an armored military freight train.

Appearances: Lightspeed Rescue Episodes

Rail Rescue 4

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoLiner 4

Rail Rescue 4: Transports Haz Rescue 4 or Omegazord 4 and forms Supertrain Megazord's left leg. It measures at 51.8 meters long and weighs at 2,650 tons. Its design is based on a coach car train.

Appearances: Lightspeed Rescue Episodes

Rail Rescue 5

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoLiner 5

Rail Rescue 5: Transports Med Rescue 5 or Omegazord 5 and forms Supertrain Megazord's right leg. It measures at 50.5 meters long and weighs at 2,650 tons. Its design is based on a bullet train.

Appearances: Lightspeed Rescue Episodes

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