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Superstition Strikes is the sixth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury. It features the debut of the Dino Fury Megazord Hammer Formation.


Amelia thinks she’s cursed with bad luck and is reluctant to help the Dino Fury Rangers, afraid she’ll cause more harm. But when monsters attack the base, she learns the truth about luck…


At Area 62, Mucus sits on Void Knight’s chair and acts like him until a door opens and the latter exits. Mucus asks Void Knight what is behind the door, and the latter tempts her into opening it herself, only to find that it is electrified. Void Knight warns Mucus and Boomtower that due to their recent losses, they are on thin ice, and promises not to destroy them if they can defeat the Rangers.

Meanwhile, reports of a Sporix Beast occur at the BuzzBlast area, leading the Rangers to teleport down and investigate. They see a soap-covered being on a ladder, but Amelia grabs a hose and sprays it, revealing that it was her Pop-Pop all along. After some introductions, Amelia’s Pop-Pop reveals that he was hired to clean the windows at BuzzBlast, and the Rangers offer to help him due to the number of windows he must clean. As the Rangers get to work, Amelia accidentally walks under a ladder, making her and Pop-Pop fearful as it is considered bad luck to do it. Ollie is skeptical about that claim, but Amelia rips her sweater on the ladder and goes back home to change.

While walking through the park, Amelia sees a Sporix Cell burrow out of the ground and hatch into Smashstone. Amelia morphs but struggles against him as she is forcibly demorphed by a blast from him. Amelia tries to call for help, but her Dino Fury Morpher is damaged during the blast and is unable to do it. Fortunately, the rest of the Rangers teleport in to help her, but when she deflects a blast from Smashstone with a trash can lid, it redirects to the Rangers, knocking Izzy and Javi out. Zayto and Ollie fight against Smashstone as Mucus, who teleported in, steals Amelia’s damaged Morpher. Zayto attacks Smashstone with the T-Rex Fury Strike, but the latter absorbs the attack and redirects it back at him. Before anything else can happen, Mucus takes Smashstone back to Area 62 as the Rangers demorph and regroup. However, Amelia feels guilty that her bad luck hurt Izzy and Javi, which Ollie continues to rudely mock, and is more in despair that she does not have a Morpher to become the Pink Ranger. Zayto calls Solon and asks her to make a new Morpher for Amelia, teleporting her back to the chamber so she can help her while the others go back to Pop-Pop. Even then, Amelia is reluctant to help Solon due to her bad luck.

Back at Area 62, Void Knight is impressed that Mucus got Amelia’s Morpher because, with it, they can bypass the forcefield and teleport into Dinohenge’s chamber. As Void Knight begins to repair the Morpher, he explains that he will have Boomtower go into the chamber and steal the Sporix Cells the Rangers have collected, while Smashstone distracts them.

The Rangers are called away to Smashstone’s location while Solon completes Amelia’s new Morpher. However, Amelia is reluctant to join with her bad luck. Solon does not believe that Amelia’s string of bad luck means she is jinxed, it's more of her mental focus on the bad stuff instead of the positive stuff. Despite that, Amelia does not believe Solon’s meaning.

Smashstone attacks a warehouse as the rest of the Rangers teleport in and morph to fight him. However, his continual firing at them makes it impossible for close combat, so Zayto calls Amelia for assistance. Suddenly, Boomtower teleports in with Amelia’s old Morpher and demands that they hand over the chest containing the Sporix. However, he does not notice Amelia take her new Morpher and morph, slashing the old Morpher and destroying it again. Amelia teleports herself and Boomtower out of the chamber and to the fight location and is joined by Ollie in fighting him while the others go up against Smashstone. After some fighting, Smashstone grows giant.

Zayto summons the T-Rex Champion Zord and transforms it into its Battle Mode, with Izzy and Javi joining him as Ollie and Amelia continue to fight against Boomtower. However, Smashstone still proves to be a challenge to them, even redirecting a Bite Blast right back at them. Back on the ground, Amelia gets the upper hand against Boomtower, catching him off guard from his misspelling of "Dune" instead of "Done," forcing the latter to retreat. Before entering the Megazord fight, Amelia gets an idea; an ankylosaur has tough armor, so if they use her Ankylo Hammer Zord in conjunction with the Megazord, it should be enough to defeat Smashstone. Amelia and Ollie call for their Zords and combine with the T-Rex Champion Zord to form the Dino Fury Megazord Hammer Formation. The new Megazord formation attacks Smashstone, but not even its hammer is strong enough to break through his volcano blasters. Deciding to go with brute force, Amelia swings up for a powerful hit, but accidentally hits a concrete pipe, leading to a domino effect that luckily causes the debris to clog up Smashstone’s blasters. Seizing the moment, the Rangers defeat Smashstone with a Mega Hammer Slam and revert him to his Sporix Cell form. Before Boomtower can grab the cell, Izzy grabs it with the Elasto Dino Key, forcing the former to retreat.

Later that day, the Rangers finish helping Pop-Pop clean the windows with Zayto commenting how Amelia’s luck has changed since earlier that day. Amelia admits that she learned from Solon that luck is all mental based, and her change in positive perspective helped give her good luck. Suddenly, Ollie breaks the wing mirror of the van, but still does not believe in superstition until he is hit with a string of bad luck that leads him down a palate of boxes.


Dino Fury Keys


  • When Smashstone hatches, the path Amelia was on disappears.
  • Izzy is sent flying to the car behind her, despite not being hit by Smashstone's blast.
  • During the quick close-ups of Ollie and Javi during the second battle, the production crew can be seen reflecting off their helmets for a split second.
  • When Boomtower loses Amelia's Morpher, he has his strap still attached on his wrist, but when he teleports in the next scene the strap disappears.
  • Amelia suggests putting the Dino Fury Megazord into "Ankylo Formation." But when this is actually done, it's referred to as "Hammer Formation."


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 2
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 3
  • This episode introduces Amelia's grandfather, making her the last of the core Dino Fury Rangers to reveal a relative to the audience.
  • The Hengemen, Jane and J-Borg remain absent throughout the episode.
  • This episode marks the second time that a villain has invaded the Dino Fury base.
  • At one point, Pop-Pop asked Zayto, Ollie, Izzy and Javi about a new flavor of frozen yogurt at the mall. This is likely a reference to Megaforce, namely Ernie's BrainFreeze.
  • This is the first episode where the Ranger Hotline is not used to report a Sporix Beast since it was set up.
    • It is used in the episode, to mistakenly report a suds-covered Pop-Pop as a Sporix Beast, but not for Smashstone who is reported correctly later off-screen in the episode.
  • Zayto and Ollie's morphed forms are only seen in the Ryusoulger footage

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