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Enter Superstar Mode

Enter Superstar Mode

The Superstar Blade is a powerful weapon, a much stronger Ninja Star Blade, built by Sarah, and finished with Mick's help. The blade's "Superstar energies" are balanced to matchup with the Rangers' Ninja Star Blades so the blade can interact with all of their Ninja Stars. By aligning the user's energy, the weapon empowers them and enables them to unleash extremely powerful attacks, with or without Ninja Stars.

Additionally, through the use of the Superstar Mode Star, Ninja Steel Gold can powerup into Superstar Mode, making him even more of a formidable fighter than before. The mode only works for him as the star utilizes his Gold Energy.


The Gold Ranger adds the Superstar Mode Star to the blade, then spinning it, causing a gold energy to spin around him and form a poncho atop his suit.


When the Ninja Steel Rangers add their Ninja Stars to the Superstar Blade and spin them, they're able to perform enhanced attacks, stronger than those possible with their normal Ninja Star Blades. These special moves include:

  • Lion Fire Frenzy: With the addition of the Lion Fire Armor Star to the blade, it is engulfed in pink flames and deals great damage to stricken opponents.
  • Superstar Blade Superspeed: A much more powerful Steel Slash in which the Ranger strikes at magnificent high speed.

Final Attacks

Just as the blade gives the Ninja Rangers access to extraordinarily powerful attacks, they are also able to finish monsters with robust Final Attacks. These include:

  • Superstar Slash: Using the Lion Fire Armor Star, the wielder unleashes a powerful downward strike, backed up by the other five Rangers.
  • Lion Fire Double Super Strike: While garbed in the Lion Fire Armor, the Ranger dual-wields the Ninja Star Blade (with the Lion Fire Armor Star added to it) and the Superstar Blades, dealing heavy damage with powerful rapid slashes.
  • Superstar Storm Slash: When the Superstar Mode Gold Ranger adds his Storm Star (Tornado Mode) to the blade, it calls on a powerful wind gust which lifts enemies into the air, enabling him to finish them with a powerful strike.
  • Superstar Supercharge: When the Superstar Mode Gold Ranger adds his Storm Star (Lightning Mode) to the blade, it summons bolts of lightning from a thundercloud which strike enemies and charge the blade with immense power.
    • Lightning Slash: Once the blade is fully charged, he charges at the enemy (who is now surrounded by lightning) and finishes them with a devastating slash.


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