This article is about a/an dimension in Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.
Choriki Kokyo

The Superpower Homeworld (超力の故郷 Chōriki no Kokyō) is a dimension which is the basis of all Superpower throughout the universe. It is here where all of the Dorin reside when they are not protecting the world by which they are assigned to live and protect. It is here that the Dorin of Earth originated prior to coming to that world 600 million years in the past. After Dorin is nearly killed by Empress Multiwa in the final battle against Baranoia, she is brought to this world to heal until she is ready to protect the planet, it's natural resources and its Superpower once again.

The Ohranger likewise come to this world via King Pyramider in order to learn of the final secret of resurrecting their Superpower after Buldont's forces take it away prior. However due to a dimensional shift performed by the Baranoia emperor when traveling to this world, 6 months ultimately pass before they reach this dimension and eventually return to their home to deal with the final battle with the machine empire.Ep. 47: Stand, Shine, Revive!!

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