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The five ancient structures as seen in the main Ohrangers' roll call

Superpower (超力 Chōriki) is the power source of the Ohrangers, originating from the Superpower Homeworld. Back 600 mya (million years ago) during the time of Pangaea, humans existed. Not only that, they also possessed Choriki power, a power far ahead of its time. As Pangaea split, Choriki split as well among five civilizations. Each civilization had a special "structure" which emitted a field of usable Choriki (a pyramid for the Mesopotamians, a temple for the Greeks, a sphinx for the Egyptians, a Dogū for ancient Japan, and a Moa statue for the Polynesians).

With the help of secret plates, Choriki was able to create their own specialized structure: a prism-like pyramid. Not only that, but with the strcutures of the five ancient civilization underneath of the UAOH base, the Ohrangers were infused with Choriki (one person per civilization), allowing them to properly fight the Baranoia. Each Ohranger has a Storage Crystal in his/her Power Brace, serving as their power source for transformationEp. 1: Invasion!! 1999.

Riki also uses Choriki, symbolizing Pangaea as he was the Dorin's knight during their time.


  • In real life, Pangaea formed 335 mya, not 600 mya as stated in the show. The closest supercontinent to remotely exist near that time was Rodinia, breaking up 750 mya.

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