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"I can feel it... the power of Super Warumono World! Heh heh!"
―Super Warumono World's first words upon being created by Ijirude.[src]

―Super Warumono's signature phrase he said in most of his sentences.[src]

"Noooooooooo! Oooooooooooow! Lord Boccowaus! Keep doing your best, warumono!"
―Super Warumono World's final words before his death.[src]

Super Warumono World (スーパー悪者ワルド Sūpā Warumono Warudo) was a totem pole-themed World from the Kikaitopia Dynasty Tojitendo and the main antagonist of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The Movie: Red Battle! All Sentai Rally!!. He was created from the Super Warumono Tojiru Gear that contained Super Warumonotopia.

Character History

Barashitara is disgusted when a Kudakk sent to Earth to attack the Earth with a Kudaiter returns as the sole survivor and prepares to kill him with Boccowaus being equally angry. However, when a Tojiru Gear falls down after Boccowaus pounds the ground, Gege suggests punishing the Kudakk by infusing it with the power. Boccowaus agrees and Ijirude inserts it into the Kudakk which creates Super Warumono World. Appearing in a trainyard, Super Warumono World unleashes all of his power to recreate an army of past villains and footsoldiers from past Super Sentai. Despite the Sentai's best efforts, they are all soon captured by the villains.

Super Warumono World then introduces himself and reveals his goal to transform the entire Earth into a world of Sentai villains. They villains took the Geartlingers away from the Zenkaigers so they cannot transform. Kaito is able to slip out of the chains since they have been loosened by Juran's sweat and manages to retrieve his Geartlinger from Sally. However, Super Warumono World points out that he is still massively outnumbered even if he manages to free his teammates. Due to an idea from Secchan, Kaito uses the Red Sentai Sentai Gear to summon every single Red Ranger in Super Sentai history. Super Warumono rallied his troops and ordered them to "scrap" the Sentai. He is defeated by the Zenkaigers in the ensuing battle.

Rather than remaining intact after his death, Super Warumono World's Tojiru Gear flies out and explodes which releases Warumonotopia back into the multiverse. As a result of his Tojiru Gear's destruction, a Kudaitest cannot be summoned to create a Great World. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger The Movie: Red Battle! All Sentai Rally!!

A "younger brother" of Super Warumono World named Normal Warumono World would later surface but get killed the same way as his "elder brother." Tvicon.png TV STORY-First Kai! Red Challenge! Zenkaigers' Complete Destruction?!


Super Warumono World was obsessed with past villains and making the entire world into one controlled by them. He was also a violent and angry being when he was having a hard time in battle, throwing everything at his enemies in battle and hoping something worked.



The original form of the Worlds


  • Plug Lancers (プラグランサー Puragu Ransā): Super Warumono World wielded a two-pronged power plug-like spear as a Kudakk.


When the Kudakk is installed with a Tojiru Gear, it briefly transforms into a Kudaiter before becoming a World.

Super Warumono World

  • World: Super Warumonotopia

By using the Super Warumono Tojiru Gear, he changed into Super Warumono World (スーパー悪者ワルド Sūpā Warumono Warudo)

Powers and Abilities


  • World Creation: Upon the creation of the World Monster, Super Warumono World could alter the world to his own. To do so, he planned to resurrect every Super Sentai villain in history to conquer Earth.
    • Necromancy: Super Warumono World was capable of reviving an army of villains from the past, including those from the other dimensions. He did this by shooting a massive purple cog-shaped cloud into the sky to recreate the past Sentai villains.
  • Dimensional Attack: Super Warumono World was able to flash the red gem on his chest to generate an illisionary dimension for his enemies.
    • Self Growth:Within the illusion dimension, Super Warumono World was able to appear as a giant figure.
  • Izu Caliber: Super Warumono World was able to slam his arms down into the ground to make the quarry ground crack and fall out from under the Zenkaigers.
  • 'Lightning Blast: 'Super Warumono World could fire massive purple-blue lightning blasts from his eyes strong enough to cause massive explosions.
  • Circadian Manipulation: Super Warumono World can easily turn day into night (or vice versa) while glowing with red energy.
  • Trash Cloud: Super Warumono World was able to throw out his arms and fire forth a big black cloud of smog from which trash would be flung at his enemies.


  • Enhanced Durability: Super Warumono World was able to shrug off literally hundreds of rounds from the Geartlingers though they did knock him over. Not even a devastating flame slash from the Juran Sword or an energy spin kick to the face from Kaito did him in.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Super Warumono World was able to block the Juran Sword between his hands mid-swing.


  • Sharp Claws: Super Warumono World had razor sharp claws instead of fingers on his left hand that he could use to maul his enemies.
  • Pincer: Super Warumono World had a big pincer claw in favor of a right hand to batter his enemies.
    • Soranic Beam: Super Warumono World was able to charge purple energy clouds into his arms to fire a gigantic yellow energy beam. However, Magine easily blocked and destroyed it.

Behind the Scenes



Diagram on the front indicating which Main Villain is located where.

Parts of the villains from the front and back.

  • Super Warumono World's design incorporated parts and faces of every past Sentai villain.


  • His name means "Super Villain World"
    • Warumono (悪者) means "villain"
    • Wold (ワルド Warudo) is a distortion of the word World (ワールド Wārudo), and a pun with warui (悪い) meaning "evil".


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