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"Want? I want to sink this island with you on it! I want to cause an atmospheric reaction that will drop the temperature to 100 degrees below zero. I want payback!"
―Super Toxipod explaining his plan the Yellow Wind Ranger.[src]
"Go big or go home!"
―After being grown by The Scroll of Enpowerment.[src]

Super Toxipod is a turban snail-themed monster and is one of the main villains of the four-part episode "Return of Thunder", he is the upgraded form the original Toxipod.

Character History

As an idea from Choobo, Lothor upgrades Toxipod into Super Toxipod, and sends him to the island to deal with the Wind and Thunder Rangers when their quarrel starts to weaken, he lands a beat down on the Rangers with his new found power and retreated, he then return with Choobo for a rematch, but he was out match by the Wind Rangers with the help of the Navy Ranger and was destroyed by the Storm Striker, but returns again with the help of the Scroll of Empowerment. Super Toxipod is destroyed permanently by the combined efforts of the Storm and Thunder Megazords.

Super Toxipod (alongside Toxipod) was later seen in the alternate universe.The Wild Wipeout


His personality is similar to his original counter part, but he is more ruthless and sinister.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Super Toxipod is stronger than the original Toxipod, as well as one of the stronger monsters that the Rangers had faced so far.
  • Finger Energy Lasers: Super Toxipod can shoot yellow energy lasers in rapid succession from the holes in his finger tips.
  • Fireball: Super Toxipod can shoot powerful fireballs from his mouth.
  • Fire Breath: Super Toxipod can also breath out powerful flames from his mouth.


  • Snail Club: Super Toxipod carries a large club for combat.

Behind the scenes.


  • Super Toxipod is voiced by John Leigh, who voiced the original Toxipod.


  • In the second and third part of the four-part episode, Super Toxipod had a running gag were the Rangers, as well as the villains have no idea what animal he is suppose to be.
  • in Hurricanger, Super Toxipod is the father of Toxipod.

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