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Super Sentai Versus Series Theater: Battle 6 (スーパー戦隊VSシリーズ劇場 BATTLE-6 Sūpā Sentai Bāsasu Shirīzu Gekijō BATTLE-6) is the sixth installment of the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater. Showcasing part 2 of the 1998 film Denji Sentai Megaranger vs. Carranger, its broadcast accompanied Tensou Sentai Goseiger Epic 20: Fall In Love Goseigers.



Welcoming the audience to the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater's sixth episode, Denji Sentai Megaranger vs. Carranger - Part 2, the Goseigers recount what happened last time; the space fairy Picoto, which can grant five wishes, appeared on Earth along with Helmedor, a lone Bosozoku. Both the Megarangers and Carrangers step in to protect Picoto and work together despite the confusion. However, the situation escalates when Nezirejia learns of Picoto and joins forces with Helmedor. At this point Dapp appeared on Earth, with the Carrangers being overjoyed at the reunion only for "Dapp" to reveal himself to be Helmedor in disguise, proceeding to take Picoto for himself. The girls are anxious to see what happens next as the feature quickly resumes.


The teamup concludes as the Goseigers are revealed to have put on high school uniforms like the Megarangers. Hyde voices that youth is really great while Agri is somewhat embarassed unlike the girls and initially Alata before Agri says that Kenta Date's style suits him. The Goseigers announce that next week the Megarangers will be teaming up with the "not Rangers", Seiju Sentai Gingaman, warriors who fight with the power of the Starbeasts, mystical animals who protect the galaxy. The girls can't help but feel admiration for their Sentai predecessors, though they deny Hyde's claim that they look more in love. Alata warns Eri and Moune that if they aren't careful, the Yuumajuu they fight today will eat hearts in love and Moune vows to beat this Yuumajuu. Alata and Agri remind the viewers to stay on their channel to see Goseiger at 7:30 and to watch the continuing Super Sentai Versus Series Theater next week.


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