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Super Sentai Versus Series Theater: Battle 24 (スーパー戦隊VSシリーズ劇場 BATTLE-24 Sūpā Sentai Bāsasu Shirīzu Gekijō BATTLE-24) is the twenty-fourth installment of the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater. Showcasing part 1 of the 2006 film Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, its broadcast accompanied Tensou Sentai Goseiger Epic 39: Epic Zero.



Welcoming the audience to the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater's twenty-fourth episode, Mahou Sentai Magiranger vs. Dekaranger - Part 1, the Goseigers remind the audience of the Dekarangers whom Agri still cannot help but revere as detectives, getting Hyde in on it as well to Moune's worry. Today they are joined by the Mahou Sentai Magiranger whose story is disclosed on Datas:

With a Heavenly Saint father from Magitopia and a human mother, five sibling warriors use the power of magic from Heavenly Saints to fight the Underground Hades Empire Infershia's Hades Beasts, Hades Beastmen, and Hades Gods.

Eri and Moune take a liking to magic which they describe as a "girl's dream" as opposed to the "manly romance" of cop drama. Alata compromises that they are both great. Presenting this amazing teamup between two great Sentai, the Goseigers leave it to Datas who screens the feature.


Part 1 closes with Hyde surprised that Baurbon could not recognize Tetsu and Hikaru in their dresses. Much to the dismay of Agri and Hyde, the team are split over cosplay as the boys are in the Dekarangers' uniforms while the girls are in the Magirangers' outfits. Changing the subject to today's Goseiger, Alata reveals that someone who should have been defeated is returning with the others believing it to be Zan KT who has returned already. Alata and Moune remind the viewers to stay on their channel to watch Goseiger at 7:30 and to watch the continuing Super Sentai Versus Series Theater next week.


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