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Super Sentai Versus Series Theater: Battle 22 (スーパー戦隊VSシリーズ劇場 BATTLE-22 Sūpā Sentai Bāsasu Shirīzu Gekijō BATTLE-22) is the twenty-second installment of the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater. Showcasing part 1 of the 2005 film Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger vs. Abaranger, its broadcast accompanied Tensou Sentai Goseiger Epic 37: Excited Moune.



Welcoming the audience to the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater's twenty-second episode, Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger vs. Abaranger - Part 1, the Goseigers remind the audience of the Abarangers, partnered with the Bakuryuu just as they fight with the Headders and Gosei Knight. Today they are joined by the Dekarangers, whose story is summarized on Datas:

Agent Abrella profits off space criminals called Alienizers with powerful mecha and giant Heavy Industrial Machines. Standing in the way of Alienizer crimes is the Space Police's Earth branch S.P.D., Special Police Dekaranger.

Alata cannot believe that there exist villains who just use people for money while Agri is enthusiastic at playing the role of a police officer as the Goseigers leave it to Datas who screens the feature.


Part 1 closes with DekaRed and AbaRed in a pinch as they are about to fall off a building. Agri still cannot help but immerse himself in a police officer persona to the point of addressing Moune, like DekaRed to DekaBlue, as his detective Partner (相棒 Aibō) much to her frustration as she confronts him over just wanting to wear the Dekarangers' uniforms. Alata steps in to calm Moune down, revealing that her temper will cause trouble in today's Goseiger as Matrintis' plan is to take her out of the fight by making her angry. As the team struggle to keep Moune calm, Alata and Agri remind the viewers to stay on their channel to see Goseiger at 7:30 and to watch the continuing Super Sentai Versus Series Theater next week.


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