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Super Putties

"Excellent Finster! You’ve really outdone yourself. 'Thank you your Evilness. Just a few more and your army will be complete.' 'And those irritating teenagers will be powerless to stop them!'"
Rita and Finster discussing the Super Putties.[src]
"{The Super Putties} are made from the Super Putty that {Rita} mined and are nearly indestructible."
Zordon describing the Super Putties to the Power Rangers.[src]

The Super Putty Patrollers were upgraded versions of the Putty Patrol. They serve as the primary antagonists of the episode "Gung Ho!"


The Super Putties were made from the Super Putty that Rita Repulsa and her minions mined during the time that they were dealing with Rita's Frankenstein monster. The Super Putties were supposedly nearly indestructible. These "Super Putties" had a unique ability. Every time one was supposedly defeated it instead split into two more Putties. The Zack and Kimberly appeared to have gained the upper hand temporarily by splitting two Super Putties in half with the Blade Blaster and Power Axe respectively, only to succumb to the resulting creation of two more Super Putties.

The only thing that could defeat the Super Putties were the Thunder Slingers that were retrieved by Jason and Tommy, which were under guard by the Carrierzord, Titanus. These weapons were able to fire lasers that vaporized each of them, negating their ability to split their bodies.

Despite Rita promising to have them return in the future, they were never seen again. However, they were alluded too in the episode "Grumble Bee" as the titular monster was made from the same clay although they themselves were not mentioned.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: The Super Putties were stronger than any of the six Rangers and a single swing of their ball hands knocked Kimberly flat.
  • Durability: The Super Putties were completely immune to the Power Weapons and even direct hits from four Blade Blasters had no effect on them.
  • Splitting: The Super Putties' signature ability where they are cut into chunks but the chunks fuse together to form both the original Putty and a duplicate, This can go on infinitely unless they are vaporized.


  • Ball Hands: Many Super Putties have their right hands encased in large balls, which they can use as clubs.
  • Sword Arms: Many Super Putties feature large blade-like rock formations in place of left hands hands which are razor sharp.


  • The Super Putties are the only footsoldiers in Power Rangers history where every member has a weapon and none had bare hands.
  • Despite the Super Putties' destruction in their only episode, the regular ones later gain the supers' red eyes in Zyuranger and Zyu 2 footage. This is because in the former, the Dokiita Golems were the permanent upgrade from the originals.

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