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This article is about a/an webseries in the Power Rangers franchise.
Red alert WARNING: This webseries contains scenes of graphic violence and gore. Viewer discretion is advised!

Super Power Beat Down is a web series, produced by Bat in the Sun in partnership with Lootcrate. Each episode features a battle between two characters from comic books, video games, etc.

Tommy Oliver has made multiple appearances in the series, with Jason David Frank reprising his role. According to Frank, the series' inclusion of Power Rangers is "approved" by Saban[1].

Additionally, the version of the Green Ranger created for the videos, with his updated costume, has appeared in the video game Power Rangers Legacy Wars[2], as part of a promotion with Lootcrate.


Tommy Oliver is pitted against powerful combatants in a city.



Color Role Actor
White Ranger / Green Ranger
Tommy Oliver Jason David Frank


Supporting Characters

  • Adam Park (behind the scenes footage and alternate ending)


Episodes featuring Power Rangers characters:

  • White Ranger vs. Scorpion - Tommy Oliver faces Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. [1]
    • Alternate Ending - [2]
  • Green Ranger vs. Ryu - Tommy Oliver faces Ryu from Street Fighter. [3]
    • Alternate Ending - [4]
    • Outtakes and dancing - [5]

Video Release

  • Both episodes featuring Tommy are currently available on YouTube.

Video Games


  • According to Legacy Wars, the version of Tommy Oliver seen in the videos originates "from across the Multiverse", and is an "older, more seasoned" Tommy Oliver.
  • In behind the scenes footage of Green Ranger vs. Ryu, a bonus scene is featured where Johnny Yong Bosch makes a cameo appearance as Adam Park, arriving after Tommy defeats Ryu and taking a selfie next to the unconscious Ryu. The alternate ending for the episode where Ryu defeats the Green Ranger has Adam instead coming up and challenging Ryu as his next opponent.
  • Both Suits had changes done to them, but the White suit had slight changes like shin guards while the Green Suit had drastic changes.


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