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In the Special DVD, a rogue member of the Nanashi Company serves as the main antagonist after stealing the Inromaru and using it to become a Super Nanashi (スーパーナナシ Sūpā Nanashi) before being destroyed by Hyper Shinken Gold and Shinken Red. He is the only member of the Nanashi Company who can speak clearly in Japanese.


As Genta is setting up his sushi cart, a stray Nanashi comes to him for help. Genta makes him sushi and decides to help him out by taking him to the Shiba House, but only to get rejected by Takeru. Genta decides to take matters into his own hands by making him a kuroko. But he fails everything he is enlisted to do. Feeling guilty, he tries to blame the society.

That night, Nanashi goes to the main hall, and steals the Inromaru. It wasn't until the next morning when Takeru finds him gone, along with the Inromaru. Takeru and Genta give chase, and lures him out with cooked rice. Genta asks him if he really did steal the Inromaru, and of course, he denies it. Just when he drops it, Takeru left him no mercy. Genta tries to forgive him, but only to be declined and attacked when Nanashi uses the Inromaru to become Super Nanashi. He reveals his plan, angering Genta. Genta and Takeru morph, and battle him. The two Shinkengers use their Discs, but Super Nanashi seems to find a way to intercept them. Takeru gives Genta the Kyoryu Disc, allowing him to become Hyper Shinken Gold. He proceeds to attack Super Nanashi. He is ultimately defeated by Shinken Red's Rekka Daizantou and Hyper Shinken Gold.

Behind the scenes


Super Nanashi was voiced by Bin Shimada (島田 敏 Shimada Bin) and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor.

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