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MMPR Tor Head

Daimugen head

"Super Mythical Chi Beast, Daimugen!"

First introduced in episode 31. A giant tortoise who turned into Kameo to escape the fighting between the Dai and Gorma Tribes. However, he resumed his true form in the present when his friend Kazu was in danger from the Gorma Four Deva Kings.

Since then, Daimugen appears only when the Dairangers need his aid. Eventually, Daimugen's fear of fighting was revealed to be the result of his first encounter with Daijinryuu long ago. But he managed to overcome his phobia to protect RyuseiOh from Daijinryuu.


First introduced in episode 22. A pudgy and strange-looking man who loved turtles and fearful of confrontations, who witnessed the Dairangers transform when they revived the Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger. He spoke in a Nagoya accent and with no memory of his previous life, made a living out of selling illustrations he made, and dreamed of writing children's books. One day he found a Lai-Lai Jewel that reveals his true nature as Daimugen, resuming his true form when his new friend Kazu of the Heavenly Time Star was in danger.

Using the crystal, Kameo could change into Daimugen at will, but at other times the crystal would cause him to turn into a small turtle.

Super Mythical Chi Warrior Daimugen

"Daimugen, Super Warrior Change!"

In warrior mode, Daimugen can re-energize Ryuuseioh.

Heavy Armor Chi Palace

"Shichisei Fusion! Heavy Armor Chi Palace!"

The Seven Star Fusion Heavy Armor Chi Palace (七星合体重甲気殿, Shichisei Gattai Jūkō Kiden) is the most powerful Dairanger weapon of all, and the combination of all seven Mythical Chi Beasts. First introduced in episode 31. It destroys Gorma monsters with its Great Death Crush (大圧殺, Dai Assatsu) finisher, where Ryuuseioh spins his Flying Dragon Rod like a propeller to raise the Heavy Armor Chi Palace into the sky, which is then brought down on the enemy.


  • The Roar used by Daimugen in turtle mode is actually that of Godzilla monster Angurius.
  • The actor who plays Kameo, Tomihisa Naruse, previously played Raita Ooishi (Yellow Owl) in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

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