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Super Megas (スーパーメガス Sūpāmegasu, 48) is a Neo Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, piloted by Monster


A Neo Mecha-Gigan with superior power, but most notably possessing a set of grappling arms with detachable suction cupts, set up to retrieve Balzion for Gear instead of for its true pilot Silva. It also possesses a detachable flying head, spikes on the arms that emit electric shocks, and an energy beam from the torso.


Super Megas is a Neo Mecha Gigan set up for a suicide mission to capture Balzion after it finally appears to prevent either Bioman, Professor Shibata or Silva from capturing it. Monster ultimately chooses to partake in the mission to prove his loyalty to Doctor Man. Using its grappling arms, it captures Balzion and transports it back to Neograd, with the mecha left behind ultimately for Monster to use after his Beastnoid partner Zyuoh is destroyed, with its head brought into the cockpit for luck. After a tough fight, Bioman destroy the Neo Mecha Gigan with the Bio Particle Cut, both destroying the mecha while likewise finally wearing out Monster to the point of his destruction.


  • Super Megas is the final Neo Mecha Gigan piloted by a member of the Big Three; Farrah will fight in Balzion in the following episode, while Mason no longer fights in any mecha up through his final appearance. The last Neo Mecha Gigan, King Megas, will be piloted by Doctor Man himself

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