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Super Megaforce is the first episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce, the second season of Power Rangers Megaforce of the Power Rangers series. It is the debut of the Super Megaforce Rangers and the Legendary Megazord, as well as The Armada's villains.


Gosei presents the Rangers with new Morphers that unlock a Super Mega Mode, which will allow them to access the powers of every previous team of Power Rangers.


In the beginning, the episode shows a recap from the previous episode.

Elsewhere in the Armada's Mothership, three main villains Argus, Levira, and Vrak's brother Prince Vekar talk about the invasion of Earth. Prince Vekar then states that they must assume Vrak is dead and they will avenge his destruction.

On the ground, waves of X-Borgs invade Ernie's BrainFreeze and Ernie tries to hide. Emma defeats the X-Borgs, and tells Ernie to get someplace safe. More X-Borgs are at the school and Noah beats them down and tells the students to find everyone else and help out.

Back at the command center, Jake and Gia return exhausted, followed by Noah and Emma. Gosei tells them that The Armada knocked out their communications. He also explains that the villains they fought against the past year were only the tip of the spear and that The Armada is an overwhelming foe. Troy comes in and he was looking for Robo Knight. Gosei says he could not locate him but he knows that the Rangers will defeat the aliens because of their pride and spirit.

He gives them new Morphers and Ranger keys that'll unlock their Super Megaforce Mode. The figures that lines the walls are actually keys to unlock Legendary Mode to become every Ranger from the past but also tells them Legendary Mode is hard to maintain. Jake ask why his key was green but before Gosei could answer, they were under attack and Gosei sends them out to use their new powers ending the first part.

The rangers arrive at the scene of destruction. Gia suggest they use Ultra Mode instead but Troy denies and says to use Super Mega Mode. They use their new Morphers and transform into Super Mega Rangers.

They begin fighting using their new powers. Then they transform into Samurai and Mystic Force Rangers. They use their keys in their sabers and use a final strike, defeating Headridge.

Back at the spaceship, an irate Prince Vekar becomes infuriated of the loss. So, a new villain is sent down and the Rangers find him. The Rangers fight off more X-Borgs and then they transform into S.P.D. Rangers and they take out the missiles. As Tentacus attacks, they transform into Ninja Storm Rangers then into various Red Rangers and defeat him.

Levira fires her newest invention, which she calls the Maximizer, enlarging Tentacus, as well as three Bruisers. She then states that thanks to her new creation they no longer need Zombats, and can now enlarge more than just one monster at a time. Gosei informs the Rangers that the Armada have new capabilities, but that the Rangers do as well.

They summon a sky ship that releases new zords and they form the Legendary Megazord. They use their Ranger Keys to perform their final attack: The Super Mega Starburst. 

Back at the school, everything looks back to normal and Noah finds Mr. Burley nearly collapsing near a shelf but helps him out. Mr. Burley enters the classroom and tells him what Troy said from when he first arrived. He finds it to be true and is proud of his students. Meanwhile, Troy returns to the place where Robo Knight fell and questions where he is.


Power Cards

Legendary Ranger Modes



  • When Jake, and Gia turn to Noah in the Command Center, the zipper on Jake's suit is sticking out.
  • In the shots of the Rangers preparing to go legendary:
    • The stunt actors can be seen through Noah, and Emma's visors.
    • Crew members can be seen reflecting of their helmets.
    • When Noah says "REALLY?" his voice is slightly different.
  • When they transform into Ninja Storm and do their Ninja Shadow Battle, Troy could be heard yelling out, "Thunder Staff!" and Gia, "Ninja Sword!" While Jake (Who transformed into the Crimson Thunder Ranger) should be yelling out "Thunder Staff."
  • When Noah turns into the Red Wild Force Ranger it shows the Gaoranger symbol for some reason. 
  • When Tentacus is destroyed the scenery is different, compared to earlier.


  • This is the only appearance of
    • Super Megaforce Blue Ranger's Blue Wind Ranger and Red Wild Force Ranger forms.
    • Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger's Yellow Wind Ranger and Red Mystic Ranger forms.
    • Super Megaforce Green Ranger's Crimson Thunder Ranger and Red Overdrive Ranger forms.
    • Super Megaforce Pink Ranger's Navy Thunder Ranger and Jungle Fury Red Ranger forms.
  • In the flashback to the previous episode, The Messenger tells Vrak that he should go into hiding because his brother, the Prince won't recognize him. However, in the actual episode The Messenger never mentioned the Prince and only said that "new soldiers" would not recognize him.
  • As with the first episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai, the title of this episode is the same as the series.
  • Ian Harcourt (Mr. Burley) and Shailesh Prajapati (Ernie) have been removed from the opening credits (although both continue their roles in the series, now credited with the guest cast). 
  • As with many adapted episodes, the first episode makes several departures from the source material through dialogue and editing to explain certain plot elements
    • As opposed to just being a preference of weaponry as it was in Gokaiger, twin weapons double their attack power.
    • Jake's different fighting style as Green Ranger is chalked up to excitement, where Don was a technical pacifist and had a unorthodox fighting method. This is similar to how Tommy Oliver as White Ranger also behaved overexcitedly when adapting Kou/Kiba Ranger (a pre-pubescent child) as the White Ranger.
    • Legendary Ranger Modes are explained as taxing on one's strength, which explains the short duration of time they can be used, while the Gokai Changes in Gokaiger did not have the same disclaimer to explain their short duration other than simple short-term use.
  • There was a series of premiere screenings on February 14-17 & 21-23, 2014 at the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando, Florida.
  • The Ranger Keys used when they get the Morphers & before flipping into key mode are metallic as they're from the DX Ranger Key set, the original Japanese props were used for flipping as they're spring loaded and have to be held down with the actors fingers
  • When Super Megaforce Blue becomes the Red Wild Force Ranger, the kanji of "Gao" (牙吠, "Fanged Roar") appears; this was a common motif used both in Gaoranger and in association with Gaoranger-related Gokai Changes in Gokaiger but was completely erased from Wild Force.
  • In this version, Jake changes into the Red Overdrive Ranger instead of Megaforce Red, due to the fact that it would be redundant seeing a Super Megaforce Ranger transform into a Megaforce Ranger (who happened to be transformed as the Red Samurai Ranger standing right next to him, no less).
    • He is then seen shooting at Tentacus with the Drive Defender which did absolutely nothing while Gia summoned a fiery cyclone, where as in Gokaiger, Luka had summoned some fire and Don used the Twistornado Gosei Card to enhance her attack into a fiery cyclone.
  • Rather than refilm the unusable Gorenger Gokai Change (which was followed by the Shinkenger Gokai Change) in the first fight, the scene was simply skipped. It had been speculated by fans that the Mighty Morphin Legendary Mode would be used instead; it did not however, and instead the Super Mega Rangers changed directly into the Samurai Rangers.
  • Super Megaforce Red transforming into the Red Samurai Ranger twice in this episode is due to using footage from two separate Gokaiger episodes. Changing into the same past Ranger twice in one episode only happened once in Gokaiger.
  • After the Megazord transformation the team exclaims “Full Speed Ahead!” As a reference to the same scene in Gokaiger in which they subtitled the same line.
  • This is the first episode to feature a Green Ranger since "Stuck on Christmas" of Power Rangers Super Samurai.
  • Gosei line to Jake regarding his key being the wrong color "There's a simple explanation for that" has become a meme in the Power Rangers fan-base,often used to describe the lack of explanation to the "New powers" and poor storytelling combining the Goseiger and Gokaiger elements together for Super Megaforce.
  • Megaforce Rangers helmetless.jpg
    This is the first episode where the Megaforce Rangers appear helmetless.

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