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Super Hotshot is the twelfth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] It features the debut of the Balloon Dino Key.


Izzy is convinced a new coach is going to take her athletics to the next level. Her training aspirations are put to the test when she discovers the coach's true motivations.


Izzy leads the team in her daily exercise routine as Warden Garcia comes by. He reveals a flyer he found for Hotshot Gym in many locations and asks Izzy what this was. Javi explains that the gym Izzy wants to join is run by Coach Bella, a world-class trainer. Izzy says that Bella is offering a free introductory class and asks if she could get an advance on her allowance to pay for the classes. Garcia agrees to let Izzy try out the starter course, and if she thinks it's worth it, he will pay for the classes. Zayto expresses interest as well and decides to join Izzy.

Meanwhile, Slyther and Mucus are at a nearby phone tower as the former hooks up a device. Slyther created a Hyper Hacker to reroute all calls to the Ranger Hotline to him, meaning he can collect the Sporix Cells under the Rangers' noses.

Izzy and Zayto run into Fern at the gym, the runner that competed against the former in the marathon. They also meet with Adrian as Coach Bella comes by to start the introductory class. After the class ends, Bella offers the membership program as the four want to buy it. However, Bella adds that everyone must buy a uniform for her classes. Everyone is aghast since the membership itself wasn't cheap. Since Adrian only had enough cash for the membership, he reluctantly trades in his watch for the uniform. Izzy and Zayto also buy the uniforms as well.

As the Rangers walk through the city, they see civilians running away and go to the source. They see Slyther digging through a trash bin for a Sporix Cell as he blasts at them, damaging Izzy's uniform. After Slyther summons the Hengemen, the Rangers morph and activate the Boost Keys for extra power. Zayto pushes Slyther back with a Hyper Strike, but the latter retreats with the Cell. While irritated that they lost a Sporix Cell to Slyther, Ollie points out how odd it was that they did not receive a call from the Ranger Hotline. Zayto believes that they might have arrived before anyone could call them.

The following day, Izzy, Zayto, Fern, and Adrian begin their membership course. Izzy sewed up the tear on the uniform as she talks with Adrian. He reveals that the watch he gave Coach Bella was a gift from his grandfather and wonders if it was worth it. Bella starts off wrong by telling them to do weights instead of warming up and has Izzy lead it. During the class, Zayto overhears Bella compliment Adrian and Fern, telling both that they were the best of the class. After the class ends, Bella tells Izzy that the tear in her uniform means she can no longer wear it. Izzy offers to have another try at fixing it but Bella makes it clear that if she is to continue the class she'll need to buy a new uniform. Although upset that the costs of the class are continuing to mount, Bella gives her more praise so Izzy reluctantly agrees.

Over at BuzzBlast, Izzy tells Amelia what happened and expresses reluctance due to the cost. After seeing Jane review the Cyber Coach, which ends poorly, Izzy says that Coach Bella has helped her a lot despite the costs and said how she was called the best of the class. However, Zayto begins to doubt Bella's credentials as he reveals what he heard in class and wonders if she's buttering them up to pay for the membership. Izzy does not believe it as she wants to improve her skills, but she still has a problem buying a new uniform. Javi and the rest of the Rangers offer to loan Izzy the cash needed for a new uniform which she appreciates.

Izzy returns to the gym with the intent of buying a new uniform from Coach Bella. In her office, Bella offers Izzy a chance to work as a trainer to help them earn more cash. When Izzy sees Bella put on Adrian's watch, she realizes that Bella is only interested in the money, and her words to everyone are hollow. Disappointed by this revelation, Izzy buys back Adrian's watch with the cash and declines the offer. Izzy leaves the gym in disgust as Javi comes by with smoothies. She tells Javi what she found out, only to get a call from Warden Garcia. He warns her and Javi that a Sporix Cell hatched at Evergreen Park, and he already called the Ranger Hotline about. Confused as to why they were not informed, Javi contacts Solon and asks what is going on. Solon said she had not heard anything, leaving the Garcia siblings to see what was going on.

They teleport to Evergreen Park and see Slyther and Mucus recruiting Fogshell into their midst. Javi accidentally gives away their hiding spot after stepping on a branch, and Slyther fires at them. Javi tells Zayto that his dad was right as he and Izzy morph to fight Slyther. Slyther orders Mucus to take Fogshell back to the phone tower despite the latter's desire to join in.

Back at Dinohenge, Solon cannot find a problem with their system, so Amelia calls the number to see what's going on. Mucus picks up and pretends to be Zayto, but that causes the Rangers to realize they have been hacked. Amelia tells Mucus that a Sporix Cell was at Mercury Plaza, and they confront the two when they teleport. Zayto tells Solon to find the hack source as Mucus leaves Fogshell behind to fight the Rangers. During the fight, Fogshell lets out a dense fog that impairs the Ranger's visibility and almost causes Amelia to hit Ollie. Fogshell deciding they Rangers are distracted decides to make his exit. Once the fog clears, they see that Fogshell retreated.

Meanwhile, Slyther knocks the Garcia siblings down as he teleports away. Fortunately, Solon finds where the hacking is coming from and sends the coordinates to them. The Garcia siblings teleport to the phone tower and confront Mucus and Slyther. Rather than charge at the tower, they change their Chromafury Sabers into the Dino Daggers for a long-range strike at the Hyper Hacker. However, Slyther deflects them back at them just when the others arrive. All five summon the Dino Daggers and toss them in patterns. Izzy's dagger hits the Hyper Hacker and destroys it, forcing Slyther and Mucus to retreat.

Back at Dinohenge, Solon upgrades the Ranger Hotline's security so Void Knight's crew cannot hack it again. Later that day, Izzy meets up with Adrian and returns his watch, just as Coach Bella and the rest arrive. Izzy calls out Bella for scamming everybody and asks the students if she called them the best of the class. They all said she did and realized how much of a fake Bella is, quitting in response. Coach Bella storms off, refusing to give any refunds, and Izzy offers group training sessions for free.


Dino Fury Keys


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  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 7
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 6
  • Void Knight does not appear in this episode, but he is mentioned several times.
  • This episode marks the reappearance of the Dino Daggers since the premiere episode.
  • This episode contains no Zord battle.
  • Despite Fogshell not being defeated this episode and reverted back into a Sporix, Slyther was able to procure one Sporix egg thanks to him tapping into the Ranger Hotline. Due to Fogshell being reported to hatch later in the episode by Warden Garcia alone, it appears the Sporix that Slyther got away with in the beginning of the episode is a separate unhatched Sporix entirely.

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