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This article is about a/an game in the Power Rangers franchise.

[[Category:Power Rangers Ninja Steel]] Super Brawl World is a browser fighting game appearing on, featuring characters from Power Rangers alongside various other Nickelodeon shows.



Playable Characters

Brawl Calls

  1. Pearl
  2. Flying Dutchman
  3. Captain Man
  4. Shinigami
  5. April O'Neil
  6. Lisa Loud
  7. Jingle Brawl Spongebob
  8. Octopie
  9. Korra
  10. Just Got Real Spongebob
  11. Danny Phantom
  12. Cosmo & Wanda (with Poof)
  13. Max Thunderman
  14. Log
  15. Mr. Super Awesomeness
  16. Megazord
  17. The Dragonzord (summoned by Green Ranger)
  18. Rabbids
  19. Brittany
  20. Mikey Monroe

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