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Super Animal War: Episode 1 (スーパー動物大戦 第1話 Sūpā Dōbutsu Taisen Dai Ichi-wa) is the first installment of Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger's Blu-ray miniseries commemorating the 40th anniversary of Super Sentai, Super Animal War. It was released as part of the Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger Blu-ray Collection 1 on September 14, 2016.



The Zyuohgers return home to find a collection of books entitled "The Super Sentai Encyclopedia" on the table. They are then greeted by AkaRed, who explains to them about the Super Sentai, and that in order for them to be recognized as the 40th Super Sentai, they have to achieve the four main qualities of wisdom, strength, bravery and friendship. AkaRed then invites Jealousto over to give the Zyuohgers a history lesson on the Super Sentai teams that have preceded them, revealing a DVD collection of the previous 39 teams. While Yamato is enthusiastic about being recognised as the 40th Sentai, his Zyuman company are not well too keen on this. Jealousto's confidence is hurt when Amu throws a paper plane which hits him, causing him to run off.

When asked why he is so determined to gain recognition as a Super Sentai, Yamato explains that he would feel honored to be able to pass down the legacy of the Super Sentai, much like how the previous 39 teams did. The others are convinced by Yamato's opinion, and together the five of them go to find Jealousto, who was lying in a trash corner. As the Zyuohgers plead with Jealousto to be their teacher again, a happy Jealousto brings out a Gokaiger DVD, and the music video for Super Sentai Hero Getter plays as the Zyuohgers learn about the first 35 Super Sentai teams, with the next four preceding them being held off for the next lesson. As AkaRed watches from afar, he smells a scent. Just then, with his signature bad scent as well as his cowboy attire, Masato Jin walks out along with Beet J. Stag, with Masato saying that he won't recognise the Zyuohgers as the "Doubutsu Sentai".




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