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Super-Majin Bōma (超魔神ボーマ Chōmajin Bōma) is the guardian god of the Hundred Boma Tribes, summoned to battle by Boma Doctor Lehda as his final trump card.

Character History

Super-Majin Boma is summoned by Lehda knowing that he had to defeat the Turboranger or else never return to Lagorn's side. Attacking during a hostage scenario where the Turboranger had to turn over the Turbo Rugger to Yamimaru for Dr. Dazai, it forced Yamimaru's withdrawal and Dazai to fight the creature in place of the Turboranger (even with his hands still cuffed) while they completed repairs on the Turbo Truck so Turbo Robo could be used once again. After Turbo Rugger becomes buried by Lehda's sand pit spell, he heads towards Turbo Builder base as Seelon tries to hold it off long enough for the Turboranger to finish repairs and to return Turbo Robo to combat. Riki finishes off Lehda while Turbo Robo saves Turbo Rugger, leading to the two to merge together into Super Turbo Robo and to destroy Super-Majin Boma with the Super Mirage Beam.


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He has immense power and strength as the Boma's guardians, being naturally giant and working alongside Lehda's magic to crush all opponents.

Behind the Scenes


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