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""Right. I get it!""
―Sunasusuri's first words after Akumaro told him of his scheme (off-screen).[src]
""Shinkengers?! Akumaro-san's orders. I'm supposed to turn this into a Gaki Hell.Eat and drink all you want, you'll just hunger more! Those bathed in my sand suffer from a thirst as bad as death!""
―Sunasusuri when confronted by the Shinkengers and telling them of his powers and orders.[src]
―Sunasuusuri having seeing Super Shinken Yellow dodge multiple energy blasts through flying and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]
""You *female dog*! I'll crush you!""
―Sunasusuri when he enlarged and swearing revenge on Kotoka.[src]
""You're in the way!""
―Sunasusuri when Kotoha in Saru Origami leapt onto his head to blind him and leave him open to attack from SamuraiHaOh as ell as his final words before his death.[src]

Sunasusuri (スナススリ, Sunasusuri, 41): Sunasusuri is an Ayakashi armed with the Kyōsa Kanbatsutō (凶砂旱魃刀, Evil Sand Drought Sword) who serves under Akumaro, using his sand to induce an insatiable appetite in humans to create the conditions of a Gaki Hell (餓鬼地獄, Gaki Jigoku) for Akumaro's plan. After being slain by Kotoha, ustilising the Mougyu Bazooka to finish him off with the Heretic Ruination attack, he is destroyed by SamuraiHaOh and it's Daishinken Big Spin Slash (a version of it's signature attack involving it jumping high into the air, spinning rapidly vertically as it descends, and then striking) after the Saru Origami blinded him by latching onto his face. His hunger-inducing sand is the basis of the Preta (餓鬼, Gaki) of Japanese myth.


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