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A list of merchandise from the 5th Super Sentai Series Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.

Roleplay Items

SV dxvulcanstick

DX Vulcan Stick (DXバルカンスティック Derakkusu Barukan Sutikku): A toy version of the Vulcan Stick. It measures about 45 centimeters long and has light and sound gimmicks. It has switches that cause three different extensions to come out of the tip: A yellow blade, red saw, and blue claw. When a switch is pressed, the emblem lights up and emits a beeping sound.


Standard Vulcan Stick: A version without light and sound gimmicks. It shares the extending blade gimmick of the DX version.

SV belt

Sun Vulcan Belt: A set of a belt with Vul Eagle's buckle and chest badge. It was released under Popy's Victorer label.


DX Mecha

SV DXmecha
  • Solar Combination World of Chogokin GB-32 Sun Vulcan (太陽合体 世界のDELUXE超合金 GB-32 サンバルカン Taiyō Gattai Sekai no Derakkusu Chōgōkin GB-32 San Barukan)[1]
  • Big Scale Jaguar Vulcan (ビッグスケール ジャガーバルカン Biggu Sukēru Jagā Barukan)[2]
Box Art Gallery

PlaDelu (Plastic Deluxe) Mecha

SV PDrobo

PlaDelu Sun Vulcan Robo (プラデラ サンバルカンロボ Puradera San Barukan Robo): A non-transforming figure. It has a rocket punch gimmick and comes with the Solar Sword, Vul Hand, Vul Tonfa, and Vul Shield.

SV PDjaguar

PlaDelu Jaguar Vulcan (プラデラ ジャガーバルカン Puradera Jagā Barukan): A set of Jaguar Vulcan and a Sun Vulcan Robo figure that can be stored inside. The Solar Sword, Vul Tonfa, and Vul Shield are included for Sun Vulcan Robo.

Popynica Series

SV popinica-cosmo

Popynica PC-18 Cosmo Vulcan (ポピニカ コズモバルカン Popinika Kozumo Barukan): A small scale version of Cosmo Vulcan. It has die-cast landing gear and two missile launchers. Three mini figurines of the Sun Vulcan team are included.

SV popinica-sand

Popynica PC-19 Sand Vulcan (ポピニカ サンドバルカン Popinika Sando Barukan): A toy vehicle modeled after the team's Jeep. It includes three solid-colored Sun Vulcan figurines in riding positions. There is an ejection seat in the rear and a missile launcher can be mounted on the back.

SV popinica-jaguar

DX Popynica PC-20 Jaguar Vulcan (DXポピニカ ジャガーバルカン Derakkusu Popinika Jagā Barukan): A small scale toy of Jaguar Vulcan that includes miniature figures of Cosmo Vulcan and Bull Vulcan. The underside of Cosmo Vulcan contains the upper half of Sun Vulcan Robo that can be combined with Bull Vulcan. Jaguar Vulcan can be opened to reveal a launching bay and has missile launchers on its top fins.



The Vulcan Base (バルカンベース Barukan Bēsu) is a playset modeled after the New Vulcan Base and was released by Popy. Mini Jaguar Vulcan, Cosmo Vulcan, and Sum Vulcan Robo figures are included. It also has a missile launching gimmick.

Plastic Model Kits

SV bmc-svr

Bandai's Best Mecha Collection (ベストメカコレクション Besuto Meka Korekushon) consists of small scale plastic models from multiple franchises. A 1/144 scale Sun Vulcan Robo was released as No. 24 in the line.


Bandai also released a 1/300 scale Sun Vulcan Robo that could be separated into Cosmo Vulcan and Bull Vulcan.

Chogokin Mecha

SV SVRstandard

Chogokin GB-33 Sun Vulcan Robo Standard (超合金 サンバルカンロボ スタンダード Chōgōkin San Barukan Robo Sutandādo) is a non-transforming die-cast figure of Sun Vulcan Robo. It stands about half the height of the DX version. It was later rereleased under the label "Eternal Hero Series".


Released through 1992 and 1993, the Sentai Robo Collection (戦隊ロボコレクション Sentai Robo Korekushon) was a line of 8.5 cm die-cast figures of the then-current and past Sentai robots. Sun Vulcan Robo was released in the first wave.

Ranger Mechanix


Cosmo Fleet EX Super Sentai Ranger Mechanix (コスモフリートコレクションEX スーパー戦隊 レンジャーメカニクス Kosumo Furīto Korekushon EX Sūpā Sentai Renjā Mekanikusu) is a line of mini Mecha figures that was produced by Megahouse in 2012. Each set came with an 8 to 9 centimeter tall robot figure and a carrier mech. The Sun Vulcan set includes Sun Vulcan Robo, Jaguar Vulcan, Cosmo Vulcan, and Bull Vulcan. Metallic versions were later released in 2013.

Super Minipla

Main article: Minipla

In early 2020, Premium Bandai released the Sun Vulcan mecha as part of the Super Minipla line, Super Minipla Big Scale Jaguar Vulcan (スーパーミニプラ ビッグスケール ジャガーバルカン Sūpā Minipura Biggu Sukēru Jagā Barukan) and Solar Combination World of Super Minipla Sun Vulcan (太陽合体 世界のスーパーミニプラ サンバルカン Taiyō Gattai Sekai no Sūpā Minipura Sanbarukan) which includes both Cosmo Vulcan and Bull Vulcan.


Chogokin Figures

SV chogokinfigs

Three Chogokin Style figures figures that are all designated as GB-34. Each figure comes with a removable scarf and a Vulcan Stick.

  • Vul Eagle
  • Vul Shark
  • Vul Panther

Popy World Hero Series

Popy World Hero Series (ポピーワールドヒーローシリーズ Popī Wārudo Hīrō Shirīzu) was a line of 10 centimeter tall plastic action figures. No accessories were included other than a removable scarf.

Medicom's Real Action Heroes

TSSV medicomRAH

In 2013, the toy company Medicom released the Sun Vulcan team as part of their 1/6th scale figure line Real Action Heroes (リアルアクションヒーローズ Riaru Akushon Hīrōzu). Each figure was fitted with a fabric suit and came with several alternate hands with attached gauntlets. They each include a Vulcan Stick and Vulcan Ball.

S.H. Figuarts

TSSV Figuarts
Main article: S.H. Figuarts

In December 2014, Bandai Japan released Vul Eagle as part of their S.H. Figuarts line. Vul Shark and Vul Panther were released as a set in the following year. Each figure comes with several replacement hands and a Vulcan Stick hilt that can be attached to a retracted or a extended tip. Vul Eagle also includes Takayuki Hiba's katana.

Shodo Super


In February 2020, Premium Bandai released the SHODO SUPER Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan (SHODO SUPER 太陽戦隊サンバルカン Shodo Sūpā Taiyō Sentai Sanbarukan) set, which includes three 10 centimeter tall Sun Vulcan action figures and several accessories and alternate hands. It is the first Super Sentai series to be introduced to Bandai's "Shodo" line (掌動, Shōdo, "handheld action"), which has previously featured characters from the Kamen Rider series, Ultraman series, Dragonball Z, and Pokemon.



Gashapon robotretsuden

In 1999, Bandai produced the gashapon set HG Series EX Super Sentai Robot Chronicle (HGシリーズ EX スーパー戦隊ロボット列伝 Echi Jī Shirīzu Ekusutora Sūpā Sentai Robotto Retsuden). It was a collection of the first five Super Sentai giant robots: Battle Fever Robo, DaiDenzin, Sun Vulcan Robo, Goggle Robo, and Dyna Robo.



Girls in Uniform (ガールズ・イン・ユニフォーム Gāruzu in Yunifōmu) was a line of statuettes of heroines and villainesses released by Bandai. Misa Arashiyama as White Rose Mask was released in volume 3 and Queen Hedrian was part of the D"ark Heroines" collection.

RSS vuleagle

Rangers Strike Solid (レンジャーズストライク ソリッド Renjāzu Sutoraiku Soriddo) is a line of statuettes released in 2007 that are based off of artwork from the discontinued Rangers Strike card game. Each measures about 10 centimeters tall and came in two color schemes: standard and metallic paint. One such statuette of the card RS-031 was created, which featured Vul Eagle.


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