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Sumo Bōma (スモウボーマ Sumō Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Dark Boma Zimba

Character History

Sumo Boma was known for his massive strength during the Boma's war with humans and fairies 20,000 years ago, but he only wanted to fight the strongest, generally in his own art of sumo. When confronted by Saint Beast Lakia, the holy creature saw the honor within him and gave him a special Mawashi to signify him, thus giving him the permission to fight with honor in sumo against humans instead of to attack others. Like all other Boma, he was sealed 20,000 years in the past at the culmination of the war.

Sumo Boma was found in modern day at a temple where salt is blessed for sumo tournaments, where Zimba and Zulten revive him. However he begins to immediately attack all athletes he comes across, wanting to face them in sumo honorably; even defeating the Turboranger in an initial attack with this method. Seeing the intention of the Boma Beast as good instead of bad, Ms. Yamaguchi tries to help find an opponent, nearly settling for Nagareboshi...who instead throws Daichi into a mawashi to face the Boma Beast.


Giant Sumo Boma after losing Lakia's mawashi

Fighting Sumo Boma in sumo, Black Turbo faces him down and wears both it and himself out in the process, gaining its respect and angering Zimba. He rips off Sumo Boma's warashi in anger and kills him as Zulten revives him into the demonic giant form to merely destroy anything instead of fighting with honor. With Daichi seeing his nature as good and only wanting a good match, he has Turbo Robo face Sumo Boma in a massive-sized sumo match (with Yamaguchi refereeing); once Turbo Robo defeats its Boma Beast opponent, it loses its anger and joyfully explodes to its death having been satisfied in its desire and losing fair and square in its trade.


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As the strongest of all Boma Beasts, he fights all opponents with his massive strength, generally with his skills and abilities in sumo. He also has the ability to strip anyone he wants to fight naked and give them mawashi to fight him, as well as two hidden hands he keeps within the cheeks on his massive face.

Behind the Scenes


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