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"Moving-Out Beam! (えビーム! Sumikae bīmu!)"
―Sumikae's first words when he zapped the Kiramagers in Kiramaizin and GigantDriller, as well as his call before performing his signature attack.[src]

"My, my, even with gems for brains, you were able to transform. (お~やおや おやおや!中身なかみ宝石ほうせきでも変身へんしん出来できたのですね。 Oya oya, oya, oya! Nakami ga hōseki de mo henshin dekita no desu ne.)"
―His words when confronted by the Mashin in the Kiramagers' bodies.[src]

"When moving... Always pay close attention...To the terms of your loan! (えはローン設計せっけい大切たいせつに! Sumikae wa rōn sekkei wo taisetsu ni!)"
―His final words before his death.[src]

Sumikae Jamen (スミカエ邪面 Sumikae Jamen) is a house-themed black body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim, whose dark energy was used to release the House Loan Dagames.


During a battle against Galza and Smog Jouki, Sumikae Jamen was present nearby and hit the Kiramagers with his Moving-Out Beam which caused them to switch bodies with their Mashin partners. With thier mission complete, Galza (who was later revealed to be Carantula in Galza's body) picked up Sumikae Jamen and retreated back to Yodonheim. A little later, Sumikae switched the bodies of Galza (who was in Carantula's body) and Carantula  after being threatened by the former.

Carantula then sent him back to Earth, where he caused pandemonium by switching a lot of bodies. The Mashin (In the Kiramagers' bodies) confronted him and shot him in the face with Shovellow's (In Tametomo's Body) Kiramai Shot but he took the hit and summoned Bechats. Jetter (in Shiguru's Body) tried to attack him from behind whilst he was distracted by Helico's (in Sayo's body) antics, but he knew he was there and dodged multiple hits from his Kiramai Sword before the Mashin got cramps and had to roll away from the Jamen. Galza then arrived and used his Dark Energy Slash to take down the Mashin, ordering Sumikae Jamen to end them but Fire (in Juru's body) arrived and blasted him down with his Kiramai Shot. Eventually, with the Kiramagers' help, the Mashin got their act together and defeated some Bechats Galza summoned before confronting Sumikae once again. They performed a variation of the roll call and overwhelmed him with Helico's spin attack, Mach (in Sena's Body), Shovellow, and Jetter's Kiramai Shots, and Fire's Kiramai Sword. Takamichi then arrived and transformed before forcing Galza to retreat when threatened with his Shining Beam Attack, leaving Sumikae outnumbered and extremely outgunned.

House Loan Dagames arrived immediately after, forcing the Mashin and the other Kiramagers (still in their partners' bodies) to fight it alone while Takamichi fought Sumikae. Kiramai Silver swiftly overwhelmed the Jamenshi, but the latter summoned Bechats, who restrained Takamichi before he could fire a fatal shot. Sumikae Jamen tried to swap Takamichi, but he instead hit the Bechats whom the Kiramager pulled in front of him, then shoved over into the Jamenshi, taking all three down. After House Loan Dagames was destroyed, Takamichi finished Sumikae Jamen with his Shining Beam Attack.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Moving-Out Beam: Sumikae Jamen's signature ability where he can fire a large tornado-like energy beam made of blue and yellow rings that upon striking two people, causes them to swap bodies.
    • Face Changing: Whenever he uses his Moving-Out Beam, his face changes from blue and calm to yellow and fierce, and vice-versa.
  • Enhanced Durability: When he was shot in his "face" by a Kiramai Shot, he remained standing.
  • Awareness: He is seemingly able to perceive an opponent's moves, as he was able to determine that Jetter (in Shiguru's body) was behind him without turning around or the latter making a sound.
  • Agility: He is extremely agile, as he was able to dodge multiple slashes from a Kiramai Sword.
    • Super Jump: He is able to jump into Smog Jouki with a single leap.
  • Home Security Bechats: Like most Jamenshi, he can summon Bechats to aid him in battle. Unlike most, however, his initial batch of Bechats wore police caps, armbands, and ID badges.


  • Height: 184 cm
  • Weight: 165 kg
  • Jamen: Sumikae

Behind the Scenes


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  • Sumikae (or Sumika; 住みか) is Japanese for "living". In this case, given that his Jamen is modeled after a house, It could mean "residence".
  • Sumikae Jamen is the first Jamenshi with the following factors:
    • He (along with one half of his Jamen Beast Counterpart) is the first house-themed monster since House Dimension from Choujin Sentai Jetman.
      • However, unlike House Dimension, which was modeled after a hotel mansion, Sumikae Jamen is modeled after an actual house.
    • He is the first Jamenshi to gather dark energy for a Dagames Type Jamen Beast on his own.
    • He is the first Sentai Monster of the Reiwa Era to have the ability to swap bodies.
      • He is also the first Sentai Monster since Manta Bayarsh with the ability to swap bodies.
      • He is also the first Sentai Monster since Trinoid 16: Tsutakotatsu to swap the minds of the Sentai Team they fought and the minds of the Mecha the Sentai Team piloted.
        • There is a difference between the 2.
      • He is also the first Sentai Monster with body swapping abilities to swap the mind of a General of the Villain Group since Soap Shadow.
        • There is a difference between the 2.
          • Sumikae Jamen swapped the minds of both active generals of the Dark Empire Yodonheim Carantula and Galza with each other.
          • Soap Shadow swapped the minds of Miss Gritta and Mio Natsume/ToQ 3gou with each other.
    • He is the first Jamenshi to possess different facial expressions (though this was only done whenever he used his signature move).
    • He is the first Jamenshi, and the first monster of the Reiwa Era, to possess a unique version of his series' footsoldiers.
    • He is the first Jamenshi to be destroyed after his Jamen Beast counterpart.


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