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"I don't care if you're the Mayor's son, if you leave, you're fired."

Sudsey is the owner of Sudseys Car Wash in Coral Harbor.

Character History

Sudsey appears to give Devon his uniform to work at his carwash signed up by his dad. Devon starts to work but leaves due to an emergency. This happens a few times, making Sudsey annoyed and causing Devon to stay late to finish his jobs. Ravi and Zoey come to help Devon but Blaze and Slicertron, thanks to the help of Scrozzle, break the Rangers' communicators and steal 300 tons of Morph-X. Commander Shaw comes to alert the Rangers herself and Devon tells Sudsey that he needs to leave and he tells Devon that if he leaves, he will get fired and that his dad will hear about it. Devon was forced to let the unfortunate happen thus disappointing his father. Taking Care of Business

Behind the Scenes



  • Sudsey is John Leigh 's 4th on-screen role and his 11th role overall in Power Rangers.


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