The Subcraft in Power Rangers Turbo.

The Subcraft was the mobile command base of Divatox and her crew of pirates. Among other capabilities, the Subcraft was able to travel underwater and through space, and its periscope was capable of surfacing from any body of water, no matter how small or isolated (it once popped out from within a bowl of punch). Torpedoes served as its main weapons, as well as the means to make Divatox's monsters grow. Rooms within the Subcraft included the main deck where the crew often loafed around, Divatox's personal quarters, and a hold for containing prisoners.

In Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, Divatox used the Subcraft to travel through the Nemesis Triangle in order to reach Muranthias, though she required the power of the Wizard, Lerigot to ensure the Subcraft's survival during the trip.

After she was defeated by the Turbo Rangers, Divatox set the Subcraft down in the waters of Earth so that she could better watch her enemies as she plotted their destruction. When General Havoc later arrived with his Space Base, the Subcraft was docked within and integrated into the base as its main command deck.

It's unknown what happened to the Subcraft after the events of Countdown to Destruction.

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