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"Sub Surfer Zord! Summon!"
―Summoning announcment[src]

The Sub Surfer Zord is a surfer/submarine-based auxiliary Zord. Its default mode is a shark-themed submarine and its Humanoid Mode is based off of a surfer and a scuba diver.


The third auxiliary Zord to be created and summoned, Sub Surfer Zord would make its appearance from a vortex on the ocean's surface. Like normal submarines, Sub Surfer uses its headlights in order to view underneath the ocean and is capable of diving and attacking the opponents from beneath with explosive torpedoes. In its regular form, it can use its torpedoes for long-range attacks. The giant Sub Surfer Zord Star is placed on the back of its submarine form, which is used as its turbine.

Appearances: Super Ninja Steel Episodes 4, 5, 13, 21


The Zord first started out as a a deep-sea diver drone built by marine biologist Aaron Foster (Hayley's dad), but it shorted out the moment the net from the built-in launcher hit the Tsunami Machine built by Galaxy Warriors contestant Doomwave. It later became the group project of Aaron and Jackie Thompson (Sarah's mom). Because of the dating behavior the two were showing, Sarah and Hayley managed to break them up, which came to be a problem when the drone was needed to stop Doomwave's Tsunami Machine. They managed to convince their parents to get back together and help fix the drone, which was promptly taken to the beach to stop the machine, but they encountered interference in the form of a group of Basherbots and Doomwave himself. Pink and White managed to drag the machine back to shore while Red and Gold destroyed Doomwave. After Mick finished the new Zord Star, it reached Brody's hand after it converted Aaron's drone into the Sub Surfer Zord, which helped in defeating Doomwave.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Making Waves


Sub Surfer Ninja Zord

Half of Sub Surfer transforms into a humanoid form while the other half transforms into a surfboard and the giant Sub Surfer Zord Star is removed. The Zord is capable of manipulating tidal waves to increase its advantage in surfing on the ocean.

Appearances: Super Ninja Steel Episodes 4, 5, 13, 21

Sub Surfer Ninja Megazord

The Sub Surfer Ninja Megazord, or Sub Surfer Ninja Steel Megazord is an alternate form of Ninja Steel Megazord formed when Sub Surfer Zord takes over Robo Red Zord's place with the Zord placed as the formation's right arm, while the giant Sub Surfer Zord Star is placed on the head in place of the Robo Red Zord one. This is performed when Ninja Steel Red spins his Sub Surfer Zord Star in the Ninja Star Blade.

In this formation, Sub Surfer Ninja Megazord retains the Dragon Sword as a side weapon while given a surfboard that Sub Surfer rides. The Megazord is capable of manipulating tidal waves to increase its advantage in surfing on the ocean. The surfboard is also capable of acting as a skateboard when battling on land and a hoverboard when taking to the sky.

Its finisher attack is the Riptide Slash, where the Sub Surfer Ninja Steel Megazord surfs into the enemy and slashes them with the Dragon Sword.

Appearances: Super Ninja Steel Episodes 4, 5, 13

Ninja Power Star

Sub Surfer Zord Star

This Zord Star is marked with the kanji for "wave" ( Nami). Its primary use is to summon the Sub Surfer Zord, as well as completing the helmet for Sub Surfer Ninja Steel Megazord.


  • There are three logos on the surfboard, one of which appears to be the Bull Rider Megazord and the other two being a scuba diver and Ninja Steel Megazord respectively.
  • This Zord is also the only one to not have a toy made by Bandai America.


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