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Tabbers are a great way to tighten the look of a page. They essentially keep alternate content to specific areas without lengthening the page and alert the user that another asset is available for viewing.

As such there are both proper uses and improper uses for tabbers.

Proper Uses

Use tabbers for the following

  • Alternative quotes at the top of the page- If a character has more than one roll call or catchphrase.
  • Alternative photos - If a character or object has an alternate form or basic look. Can be used in infoboxes
  • Alternate forms of a character - perhaps the primary and most common use is when characters have alternate forms. These go under Ranger or Villain designations.

Improper Uses

Avoid using tabbers for the following situations

  • In place of general headers and subheaders - In most cases headers and subheaders are there to provide different (not just alternate) information. In these cases avoid tabbers.
  • Different sets of objects/people - Avoid using these when they are different characters and not alternates of each other.
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