This is a STYLE GUIDE page- part of a series of supplements to assist you in your editing of the wiki. The STYLE GUIDE is currently in construction. Please be patient.

Below is a guide to certain areas of the wiki that require images.


Please ensure that if you upload an image while editing a page, that you add the appropriate attribution template. Click on more options, then choose an option from the Licensing list that appears. When you select a licensing template, a preview of it will appear. This template will appear on the file information page.


If you upload an image via Special:Upload (the Add a Photo link in the Contribute menu), then the same rule applies. The Licensing list is on the same page as the upload button. If you're using Monobook, this is the only image upload form available.


If you feel that the required option isn't on the list, please let an administrator know.

Infobox Pictures

For character infoboxes, use landscape oriented photos or those that would fit in a landscape frame. Screenshots are typically landscape. Exceptions from the landscape guidelines are Zords/Mecha, Megazords/Giant Robos and Monsters. For infobox headshots Role Calls are not typically great shots to put in as the subject is usually "too far" or with effects too rendered.

As for the size, it is preferable that the head of the subject make up 1/3 of the photo.

If the photo is not landscape the infoboxes, especially those of Rangers will crop it for you. Check to see that it looks good on the photo. The photo will keep the top portion and trim the lower part if it is portrait-oriented.


As information new arrives for each season, different qualities of images can be found. Please note the priority of what quality we can use.

Infobox Landscape Exemptions

Zord and Megazord Photos

Zord and Megazord Photos must feature the entirety of the design clearly

These are seen in infoboxes, and are exempt from the landscape rule. The important thing is that the mecha design is clearly seen. Quality priority applies.

Monster Form Photos

These are seen in infoboxes, and are exempt from the landscape rule. The important thing is that the suit design is clearly seen. Quality priority applies.

Ranger Costumes

An example of a Ranger Costume photo

These are seen in Ranger categories and individual Ranger pages. The important thing is that the suit design is clearly seen. Note how these are all standing photos for consistency purposes. Quality priority applies.

GIF Files

The following guidelines must be followed when uploading .gif files to the wiki:

  1. Animated GIFs must be converted from clips of the original episodes, with decent quality and acceptable frame rate.
  2. Ensure that the frames in the GIF do not contain any fansubs and/or other watermarks e.g. watermarks from a YouTube video.
  3. Image size should be optimized to reduce page load times. The image may be shrunk down if necessary.

Disallowed Photos

Photos from English-language sites (accessible by general audience) that contain layout detail are not allowed on the wiki as they form the site identity of other websites. Exceptions are photos found in downloads sections, such as wallpaper, skins, and official production photos. Non-English site photos are allowed with copyright. Never use an image with a watermark. Plain white backgrounds should also be avoided. And don't upload animated images.

Here are just some examples:

Magazine Scans

Magazine scans from Televi-Kun magazine are prohibited from the wiki as the publication announced in July 2020 that they are tracking down their scans online that could result in criminal charges and possibly having the wiki shut down. All prohibited scan images include entire pages, screenshots from a part of a page (i.e. using a portion of a page that includes a new form), and crops of a magazine scan.[1] Images from any other magazine are allowed, but they must be properly sourced before being added to any page.

Obviously upscaled or photoshop filtered photos

While upscales or photoshop edits are allowed to make for crisper photos, if the image is very heavily photoshopped to the point of being an obvious edit, it will be reverted/deleted. A good edit doesn't 'look like' an edit.