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Stuck on Christmas is the twenty-second episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai, the second season of Power Rangers Samurai. It is the second "Christmas Special" of the series and is a glorified clip show.


It's Christmas time, and after having defeated a Nighlok the rangers' Megazord broke down causing them to be stranded and miss Christmas with Mentor Ji. Meanwhile, Mentor sees Bulk and Spike as they were dropping off a present for Mia and spent Christmas with him at the Shiba House.

Malfunctioning Megazord


The episode begins with Mentor Ji decorating the Christmas tree without the Rangers, who went out to deal with a named Gred. The theme song plays.

Gred deals a heavy blow on the Rangers with his attack, but Mike runs to him and fights pretty aggressively. He uses his forest spear to attack the Nighlok and the group finishes him off using the 5-disk Beetle Cannon. Gred enlarges himself but the Rangers still defeat him with the Battlewing Megazord. As the Rangers prepare to leave for Christmas, the Megazord powers down. Mike gets worried that they might miss Christmas Eve, so Kevin gets to work. He comments how he wishes Antonio were here, so Jayden reminds Kevin how he can also come up with brilliant ideas.

Meanwhile, Mentor Ji is still decorating when Bulk and Spike come to deliver a present to Mia. Ji invites them inside. The two get scared that the "drill sergeant" (Emily) might be here, and they have a flashback from when they first met her.

As Kevin is working, Mike asks if he can help, and they remember when they were stuck together. Kevin agrees (albeit reluctantly) to let Mike help him. Emma and Mia begin reminiscing what they want to wear for Christmas and have their flashbacks as well. Jayden calls Mentor Ji to tell them they'll be late for Christmas due to the Megazord not working. Meanwhile, Bulk and Spike are helping decorate the Christmas tree since they never had one of their own. Mike gets more worried, but the girls remind him that they are always together.

Meanwhile, Bulk and Spike tell Ji how sometimes they "help" the Power Rangers and they have their flashbacks as well. Spike then remembers how Mia helped them pay their rent.

At last, Kevin finally fixes the Megazord and the team prepares to return home. Jayden gives Ji a call. While Bulk and Spike were asleep, Ji asks Jayden and the others if they can do him a favor. When the two wake up, they want to leave quickly because they didn't want to see the "drill sergeant." But instead, Ji introduces them all to the Power Rangers. The two leave excitedly. The episode ends with the Rangers going to celebrate Christmas and Bulk and Spike chasing Santa on the moon, just like last year.



  • This episode is a glorified clip-show.
  • First aired in Canada on December 8th, 2012.
  • Steven Skyler (Antonio) does not contribute his voice to the special, only appearing in the clips. It is unknown why Antonio was not present at the Rangers' battle against Gred.
  • This special takes place after "A Sticky Situation", since that was the latest episode the episode took footage from, but some time before Samurai Forever as Spike is still with Bulk and the Rangers had not disbanded by that point.
  • Unmorphed footage of the Rangers was taken from "Test of the Leader".
  • The Opening is the same as Trickster Treat, but with the Super Samurai Logo.
  • This is the second time Bulk and Spike have been inside the Shiba House.
  • Bulk referred to the "dojo's" "drill sergeant" several times in the episode. This was Emily in disguise the last time they were in the house from the episode “The Strange Case of the Munchies”.
  • Bull and Spike brag to Mentor Ji that they have helped the Samurai Rangers while eating cookies. However the cookies are the shape of the Shiba House crest, which is prominent on their uniforms, and they don’t even notice.
  • The episode ends with Spike and Bulk following Santa through the sky on a motorbike. This is the exact same ending as the previous Christmas special only mirror reversed.
  • This episode is a clip show giving Samurai the most of any season.


  • When Mike had caught his green sword and tossed it away, Gred slashed again with his red sword in his right hand. However, when Mike blocked it between his feet and in a wideshot of Kevin reacting, it was in his left before switching back to his right when he was kicked down.
  • When Jayden runs up and says "it's time to get rid of this overgrown Christmas ornament", Mike has his Spin Sword out but, when he says "and I have just the thing, ready", it's suddenly gone and he now has his Beetle Disc ready.
    • Additionally, Mia and Kevin both ran up beside him but neither are visible when Mike slaps the Beetle Disk on the Fire Smasher.
  • Jayden has the Fire Smasher balanced on his shoulder when he approaches Mike but it is suddenly pointed out when it transforms into Cannon Blast Mode despite not having moved in the previous shot.
  • After inserting their Power Discs into the Five Disc Beetle cannon, everyone but Mike and Jayden kneel behind them but are gone when the weapon fires.
  • When Gred is destroyed, Mike is beside Jayden but then on the other side of the group after he grows which is due to recycling footage from "There Go the Brides."
  • There was a significant delay between damage done and the Megazord shutting down.
  • When the Rangers finish off Gred, they slash diagonally but the energy slashes down the middle of the screen are straight.
  • Throughout the episode, the editors keep on adding the freeze frame of the Battlewing Megazord with smoke from Gred's explosion despite him having died quite some time before.
  • After Bulk and Spike enter the Shiba House, the episode cuts back to Kevin with a tool box which he didn't have beforehand.

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