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Striped Mosquito Evo (ヤブカシンカ Yabukashinka, 28) is the mosquito-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Striped Mosquito Evo was created as part of Prince Megiddo's plot to change humanity into doll-like beings which would have a hard time moving, eating or breathing, merely moving its now stiff limbs in an attempt to do something for themselves. After studying the abilities and manners of dolls through a dressed-up Megiddo, the Evolution Beast goes to work biting and causing chaos first through its hard to scratch itch, then with changing people into these dolls. While trying to stop it, Rei discovers that Striped Mosquito Evo has a weakness to direct sunlight, enough to make it weakened and run away when it is directly hit by it.

Megiddo equips Striped Mosquito Evo with a pair of sunglasses to protect its eyes from the sun, but Rei lures it out using a scheme of being a clown (similar to Megiddo's clown-doll form) to lure it out, then with all the Dynaman destroying the glasses with five simultaneous sunbeams from magnifying glasses. After facing a squadron of the "Doll Assassination Corp" the Evolution Beast led, DynaPink confronts it by blinding its eyes and attacking it with a sunlight-charged Rose Sabre before the team weaken it with Super Dynamite. After undergoing Big Bang Process, the Dynaman use DynaRobo's DynaShield to blind and attack it once again in order to use Lightning Gravity Fall to destroy it.


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Modus and Arsenal

Striped Mosquito Evo possessed within it a virus that infects anyone it bites, either in its normal size or as a tiny mosquito. This virus initially causes a harsh itch that is hard to scratch but eventually slows down the body's physical abilities transforming them into a doll-like being with stiff joints that can barely move, eat or even breathe. It can also change its size, possesses explosive eye flashes, and can emit a smokescreen from the mouth.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Its tactics in using doll abilities as weapons and leading an army of "Doll Assassins" (minions in disguise) is similar to the previous season's Peacock Mozoo.


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