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"It’s Morphin Time! Activate Beast Power! Unleash the Beast!"
―Morphing call[src]
"Strike Morpher charged! Striker Beast Blast! "
―Activating the finisher[src]

Power Rangers Beast Morphers - Chosen Gold and Silver Rangers - First Morph and Battle - Episode 8

The Striker Morpher is a cell phone-to-gun weapon used by Nate Silva and Steel, which they use to transform.

These double as Beast Morphers Gold and Silver's version of the Beast-X Blaster, and like the Beast-X Blaster, can fire a finishing shot dubbed the Striker Beast Blast. When performing this, they would summon their Morphers (if they didn't already have them), aim them at the Robotron (with Nate posing behind Steel whose head would be moved to the side), and fire two orange beams of energy to finish off the monster. The Morpher is also capable of performing a Cable Strike to entangle enemies.

Transformation Sequence

To summon the Morpher, the Rangers tap their communicators, causing the Morphers to materialize into their hands. They then present their Morph-X Keys, which create a glowing green key-shaft while the Striker Morphers' screens light up in their respective colors. The Rangers shout "Activate Beast Power!" before inserting the key into the back of the Morpher, causing the visor on the Morpher to flip open. The light from the Morphers then intensify, and tornadoes of energy, each in the Rangers' respective color, descend and swirl around the Rangers, creating images of their respective animals roaring. The tornadoes dissipate to reveal their morphed forms, with their helmets missing the visors. The visors detach from the Morphers and begin orbiting the Rangers before transforming into the suit visors and finally flying onto the helmets, completing the transformation.




  • Unlike its Sentai counterpart, the Morpher is mostly shown in blaster mode, only changing to phone mode on a few occasions.
  • The current toy version of Striker Morpher is only a bullet-shooting toy without any electronics and so it is impossible to produce any sorts of sounds from it.


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