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"Striker Megazord Unleashed!"
―Announcement after completing transformation.[src]

The Striker Megazord is the combined Megazord form of the Wrecker Zord and Jet Zord in Power Rangers Beast Morphers and is the personal Megazord of Beast Morphers Gold and Beast Morphers Silver. It is formed by typing 'SMZ' into the keypad.


The Striker Megazord is equipped with the Striker Cannons mounted on its legs, as well as the following weapons from the Jet Zord: a rifle in its right hand, a shield on the left arm, and a Gatling gun on its chest.

Some of its attacks include the Rapid Blast where it rapidly fires red lasers from its chest-mounted Gatling gun and the Crane Crash where it extends its crane arm to smack its opponents. Its finisher is the Striker Hyper Blast where the Megazord charges up for a final blast at the Gigadrone, destroying it.

Appearances: BM S1 Episodes 11, 15, 19, BM S2 Episodes 6, 10, 18, 21, 22


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Wrecker Zord

Main article: Wrecker Zord

The Wrecker Zord is Beast Morphers Gold's personal Zord. It has three modes, which are vehicle mode, mantis mode and battle mode. Wrecker Zord forms the full body of the Striker Megazord.

Appearances: Beast Morphers S1 Episodes 9, 11, 15, 14, 19-21. S2 Episodes 1-4, 10, 12, 17, 18, 22

Jet Zord

Main article: Jet Zord

The Jet Zord is Beast Morphers Silver's personal Zord. It has two modes, which are vehicle mode and scarab mode. Jet Zord forms the armaments of the Striker Megazord.

Appearances: Beast Morphers S1 Episodes 9, 11, 15, 17, 19-21. S2 Episodes 1-4, 10, 12, 14, 18, 22

Additional Formations

Beast-X Ultrazord

The Beast-X Ultrazord is the combined Megazord form of the Beast-X Megazord and the Striker Megazord. The most powerful Zord in the Beast Morphers arsenal, it took on and destroyed an entire army of Gigadrones of various models without any issues. It utilizes a massive lance in combat. Instead of walking like their other Megazords, this one appears to slide along on its feet, the bottom of which also have rocket boosters.

This Megazord has a special attack known as the Ultra Blast where it charges up the Chopper Zord rotors in its chest and fires forth a devastating blue beam from it. When used for the first time in the episode "Game On!" this was strong enough to blast Gamerdrone back with enough force to make it let go of its lance.

The finisher for this combination is the Beast-X Ultra Strike where the Ultrazord channels Morph X into its lance like weapon, creating a massive green energy drill, before using it to bore into its enemies. This was powerful enough to destroy an entire army of Gigadrones in one attack.

In the episode "Save Our Shores" however, this attack merely manifested as an energised tip of the Ultrazord's lance which they used to slash Trapperdrone into oblivion.

Appearances: BM S1 Episodes 20, BM S2 Episodes 2-4, 11 


  • In Evox Unleashed, the Jet Zord and the Wrecker Zord are used to form the Beast-X King Ultrazord to fight Evox/Venjix in the final battle. They were defeated but still remained operational for the final battle with Evox/Venjix, who will be destroyed by the Rangers with the Beast-X King Megazord. 


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