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This article is about a/an Megazord in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

The Phoenix Galactabeast is transformed into a Megazord composed of 5 small plane Zords (labeled S1 through S5). The Stratoforce can attack with a giant boomerang, although it had once used the Centaurus Megazord's laser cannon to defeat Chameliac in the episode The Chameliac Warrior. The Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords showed the ability to combine into an energy tornado to attack starting in Enter the Lost Galaxy and used it to help defeat a mutated Deviot and the Titanisaur. It was destroyed by Stingwingers strapped with explosives in Journey's End, the three part finale of Lost Galaxy.



S1: Forms Stratoforce Megazord's head and arms.


S2: Forms Stratoforce Megazord's torso.


S3: Forms Stratoforce Megazord's hips, and presumably holds the helmet.


S4: Forms Stratoforce Megazord's right leg. Unlike the other Stratoforce Zords, it and S5 are launched from the right and left "arms" of Zenith Carrierzord respectively.


S5: Forms Stratoforce Megazord's left leg. Unlike the other Stratoforce Zords, it and S4 are launched from the left and right "arms" of Zenith Carrierzord respectively.



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