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Stranger Ranger[1] is the fourth episode of Power Rangers Megaforce. The episode introduces the Landick Brother Card, the Land Brothers Zords, the Land Megazord and the concept of summoning additional set of zords as weapons attachments for Mega Blasters.


As the Mega Rangers learn that concentration is essential to perfecting their Ranger skills, they are distracted by a civilian falsely claiming to be the Red Ranger.


Troy has another dream of the Legend War. In the Warstar ship, Creepox wants to be in charge of the next mission. He calls for Dragonflay, who is a quick runner.

At the Ernie Brainfreeze, Emma is helping with recycling and Troy tells he has had strange dreams. They notice a group of people around one guy claiming to be the Red Ranger. Troy grins. Later he has set up bottles around on strings in a forest. He blindfolds himself and tries avoiding them and hitting them. 

The other Rangers arrive to the Brainfreeze and listen into the bragger. Gia says it is just a guy looking for attention. The others start walking out. One guy tells the impostor that there is an attack. The guy says he will go and the crowd follows him out. The Rangers transform. The impostor, confronts the monster and gets blasted at. Troy takes him to safety. Dragonflay takes the four down. Troy arrives and gets knocked down. He takes Dragonflay down. Creepox arrives and doesn't like the Red Ranger.

Creepox takes Troy down. The impostor gets blasted at and hides. Troy confronts Creepox. The bad guys leave. The guy says his name is Jordan and gets reprimanded by the Rangers, who tell him to stop putting himself and them at risk and go home. Rather than follow their orders to go home, Jordan follows the Rangers into the forest. Un-morphed the Rangers with blindfolds train like Troy. Jordan arrives and, having sensed his presense, they morph and corner him for following them. They tell him that it takes dedication and training to be a Ranger. They have him run the obstacle course but it isn't easy for him. Emma tells him he seems like a good guy but best to be himself. They tell Jordan to stay.

The Rangers arrive in the city again to confront Dragonflay. Troy jumps up and lands down to Creepox. The four take the monster while Troy takes Creepox. Troy takes down his sword and flips on a bar to avoid Creepox and then slashes at him with a Dragon Sword attack. Creepox says that good shot and retreats, saying that it isn't over. The four sense Dragonflay and blast him down.

Noah calls for the Sea Brothers and destroy Dragonflay. Troy is extremely tired, saying the fight with Creepox took a lot out of him. Vrak makes Dragonflay grow, mocking Creepox. Troy is exhausted and gives it to Gia and Jake as they are the Megazord's feet, and then earn the Land Brothers Zords: Rhino, Dino and Beetle. They form the Land Megazord. They destroy the monster with Land Strike. Back at the juice bar, a crowd applauds Jordan. He confesses he is not a Power Ranger. They are all disappointed with him and leave.

Jordan sits next to Troy at the bar. Troy says it took a lot of courage. Jordan says he learned a lesson thanks to the Red Ranger. Ernie is about to give a shake but it flipped out of his hand and Jordan catches it. Ernie asks where he learned that. Jordan says a friend.


Power Cards

  • Megaforce Red - Dragon Headder, Dragon Sword, Dragon Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord
  • Megaforce Pink - Phoenix Headder, Phoenix Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord
  • Megaforce Black - Snake Headder, Snake Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Land Brothers Zords, Land Megazord (Victory Charge)
  • Megaforce Yellow - Tiger Headder, Tiger Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord, Land Brothers Zords, Land Megazord (Victory Charge)
  • Megaforce Blue - Shark Headder, Sea Brothers Zords, Shark Mechazord, Gosei Great Megazord



  • Unlike the last dream sequence, sounds and grunts from the fighting rangers can be heard, particularly Jason and Jayden, but they all sound like Troy when he's fighting.
  • While the Red Ranger is fighting Creepox and the others are fighting Dragonflay on the third act, there are still plenty of signs in Japanese left from the Goseiger footage.
  • A sign which has Japanese text on it can be very clearly seen in the foreground in the shot where the Zombats make Dragonflay grow,.
  • After Gia said "Mega Rangers, that was a Mega Win," the screen focused on the Gosei Great Megazord instead of the Land Megazord.
  • While morphed, Troy calls Jake by name directly in front of (and within earshot of) Jordan.

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