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Stove Mask

Stove Mask.

Stove Mask (ストーブ仮面 Sutōbu Kamen) is the twenty-first of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Stove Mask is placed in charge of a plot to infiltrate various facilities throughout Japan, including EAGLE facilities, with a squad of Zolder ninja disguised as EAGLE soldiers in order to change the oil within into water, thus sealing off any machines that use oil or gas and bring Japanese society to a standstill. While facing the Gorengers, Stove Mask slowly wears down Tokyo and causes a massive gas shortage while hiding as a stove to prevent anyone from finding him after an attack. Eventually catching on to the scheme, the Gorengers force all people within Tokyo to bring their portable stoves to be inspected in search of Stove Mask, only to have him emerge in the apartment of a family who didn't realize he was there and thought he was a stove they left on. The Masked Monster takes the family hostage until Tsuyoshi switches places with them for their safety. The other Gorengers save him before he becomes fried by a gas leak he explodes with his fire, while a confrontation has Akarenger vault beyond a wall of flames he sets up with Kirenger's Ki Sticker to hit him. The team finish him off by changing Gorenger Hurricane into a container of gas that makes Stove Mask explode when he partakes in it. Ep. 75: Fiery Crimson Hell!! Stove Mask's Conspiracy


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Modus and Arsenal

Stove Mask's main weapon is a flame-thrower staff he uses to throw out fire from within his body. He can also change himself into a portable stove for infiltration and hiding.



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Behind the Scenes

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