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Storybook Rangers encompassed the fourty-eighth and fourty-ninth episodes of the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


Everyone finds a favorite book at the school book fair with Kimberly finding an old childhood favorite called Grumble the Magic Elf. However, Rita's got her own story to write by trapping Tommy, Kimberly, and Rocky in the storybook where they come under threat by her old friend Mondo the Magician. Meanwhile, Billy, Adam and Aisha must attempt to free them whilst contending with the Turkey Jerk.


Part 1

At Angel Grove High School, the school's book fair begins. Kimberly finds a book titled Grumble the Magic Elf, a story her father once read to her when she was a kid. When Tommy buys the book for her, she delightfully thanks and kisses him. Rita Repulsa gets the idea to make Kimberly apart of the fairy tale trapping her, Tommy and Rocky in the book. The trapped Rangers begin their quest to escape the book.

Part 2

Tommy, Rocky and Kimberly continue their quest to escape the book as the remaining Rangers look through the thousands of books. Billy and Aisha manages to find the Grumble book that Zordon needs and take it back to the command center. In the book, Rocky, Tommy and Kimberly are saved from being in the trapped cave by Grumble whom they later help by heading to Mondo's castle to appeal to the wizard.

In Angel Grove, Bulk and Skull's efforts to create a monster goes awry when Bulk learns he mixed up the monster how too book with that of a cookbook involving how to cook a turkey. Unbeknownst to them, Lord Zedd and Rita create a monster with the materials they were using to create a monster, Turkey Jerk. The monster doesn't want to harm the guys, but both Bulk and Skull freak out and runs for it.

At the command center, Zordon informs Billy, Aisha and Adam about Zedd's new monster and they have to go to battle. They find Turkey Jerk unintentionally chasing Bulk and Skull up a tree. The three rangers does battle with him, but because of his strength, Zordon advises them to use the Power Cannon to defeat him. They do and Turkey Jerk is destroyed.

In the book, Tommy appeals to Mondo to help make the toys, but he gruffly refuses. In the command center, Adam is despairing over how to help Grumble since Mondo refuses to help them. Zordon says he doesn't have enough energy to transport the other Rangers in the story. However, Aisha comes up with a great idea and asks Alpha to give her some colored pencils. He does and she draws new toys for the other Rangers to help Grumble distribute them. Billy and Adam are impressed that she thought quickly to give a happy ending. Tommy notices the new toys and wagon in front of them. He, Rocky and Kimberly realizes that Aisha came through for them. While walking to the town, Grumble warns them to keep quiet and tread carefully because Mondo is on the same page as they are. As they secretly goes past him, Mondo is seen cackling.

On the Moon and furious over the idea they will lose, Lord Zedd orders Goldar and the Z-Putties to get back in the story at once to destroy the toys. Rita tells him that she has better idea. She will help Mondo escape from the story and attack Angel Grove at once, to which Zedd approves.

After helping Grumble distribute the toys to the orphan children, Tommy, Rocky and Kimberly are transported back to the Command Center. However, the Rangers' problems become increasingly worse when they learn that Rita helped Mondo escape from the book and allowing him to attack Angel Grove. He was knocked down by the White Tigerzord and returned to the book after being struck twice by the Thunder Megazord's Thunder Saber.

At the Angel Grove High School's Book Drive, Kimberly re-donates her favorite childhood book back to the drive. Bulk and Skull soon appear traumatized from their encounter with Turkey Jerk. They donate the How to Create a Monster and the cookbook back to the drive. Kimberly offers Bulk and Skull the Grumble the Magic Elf book. They think it's cute until they come face to face with Grumble himself greeting the boys after being given the book to read. Horrified, Bulk and Skull decide they are going to try another sane activity.




Cropped Mondo the Magician

  • Mondo the Magician was derived from Dairanger's true main antagonist Lieutenant Colonel Shadam. Shadam had a habit of materializing a metal mask over his face for no adequately explained reason so Saban, desperate by this point in Season 2 for any usable footage to adapt, decided to use the extremely limited amount of footage of his giant form and try to create an episode out of it.
    • Because of this, with the exception of his Zord fight, all footage of Mondo was literally still frames from Dairanger where the editors paused the footage and digitally cut and pasted him into US made footage. This was done because very few shots had Shadam in a masked form as he only used it in five total episodes.
  • The reason that Mondo, the Thunder Megazord, and the White Tigerzord never appear in the same frame is because Shadam only fought the Mythical Qi Warrior RyuseiOh which was the counterpart to the Red Dragon Thunderzord.
  • Part II was the final appearance of the Power Cannon.
  • This was the final use of the Power Axe until Power Rangers Operation Overdrive's "Once A Ranger."
    • It was also the final use of the Power Weapons until then.
  • Some of Turkey Jerk's turkey parts originally belonged to Chunky Chicken (now without feathers). Despite similar appearances, some of Turkey Jerk's parts are not made from the parts of the Pudgy Pig costume.
  • Grumble the Elf is a repainted version of Mr. Ticklesneezer with the chest of the Gnarly Gnome and the Snow Monster is a recolored version of Primator with more fur added.
    • Whenever Mondo is seen in the storybook, he has a large pinkish-purple energy around him and never actually moves a muscle. This is because the editors literally cut and cropped images of Shadam and the glow was added to try and remove the remaining borders from the original footage.
  • Being focused around books, the episodes contain several references to classic authors and literature;
    • Grumble the Magic Elf itself bears similarities to The Frog Prince various tales from Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm AKA the Brothers Grimm. However, Grumble becomes kinder hearted rather than human after his curse is lifted.
    • Grumble The Magic Elf was written by HP Tooth which is an obvious pastiche of HP Lovecraft.
    • The Snow Monster plot-line bears loose similarities to the Billy Goats Gruff albeit featuring a winter wasteland rather than a bridge.
    • When bringing the Turkey Jerk to life, Bulk paraphrases Collin Clive's iconic speech in the 1931 classic Frankenstein from Universal.
    • Grumble refers to himself as the “fourth musketeer” at one point in part II as a reference to the iconic story by French author Alexandre Dumas who was also the creator of The Count of Monte Cristo.
    • Grumble directly references Dr Seuss by name in part I when complaining about the choice to go back to the beginning.
    • The scene of the three Rangers confronting Mondo the Magician is very similar to the scene from the Wizard of Oz.



  • Every character is on a terrible looking green-screen inside the storybook.
  • In all of the shots where Mondo is in the storybook, one can see white edges around his body because of the poorly disguised cropping.

  • When Baboo says "this is gonna be fun!", the shot is mirrored as his monocle is on his right eye and the Z emblems on the Putties behind him and Squatt are mirrored.
  • Kimberly decides to point out that her book wasn't glowing when she bought it despite Tommy being there when she did so.
  • Grumble the Magic Elf has just vague images with no text inside despite being a storybook as seen in the garbage can before it sucks in the Rangers.
  • Six Putties are sent to Earth by Zedd but five teleport into the storybook and then only one actually appears inside of the storybook.
  • The Rangers never consider that they could just follow Grumble to the end of the storybook without harassing him.
  • The Snow Monster's voice gets significantly deeper, dumber, and gruffer after the next scene is cut back to the storybook after Aisha asks if there was anything they could do.

  • When the three Rangers in the real world find Grumble the Elf, which is very clearly glowing, they don't know what it is doing.
  • The page the three Rangers turn to has a real-time video playing of the trapped Rangers but this didn't appear earlier despite Appleby having opened or looked into it earlier.
  • When the Viewing Globe shows Bulk and Skull in a tree, the editor leaves in two seconds where the two don’t react to the Turkey Jerk and the monster stares into the camera.
  • The three Rangers are able to summon the Power Cannon despite the fact that all six of them being needed to summon it being a major plotpoint in “Mirror of Regret.”
  • The three Rangers are able to fire the Power Cannon without loading the usual spheres or slamming the swords into the weapon to arm it as previously.
  • Adam's Power Axe does not have an opening by the blade area.
  • The effect of Grumble's new cart dropping in looks ridiculously fake.

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