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Storm Surge is the fifteenth episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury.[1] The episode is the first part of the two-part introduction to Aiyon, the Dino Fury Gold Ranger, and the debut of the Electro Dino Key and the Electro Battle Armor.


Ollie agrees to help Javi with a story, but his desire for new tech distracts him from his promise; the villains exploit his obsession, and Ollie learns a lesson about priorities.


Ollie arrives at Buzzblast wearing brand new noise-cancelling headphones. However, Javi is not happy to see him because Ollie promised to help him with his story, and now J-Borg is forced to do a livestream of paint drying. Still, Ollie rudely dismisses Javi’s complaints as he wanted new tech, something the other Rangers notes has been a recurring thing for him. Jane tells Javi to get his stories completed on time and informs him of a strange storm over Pine Ridge Bay. She asks Javi to make it a feature for this afternoon’s livestream. Ollie mentions that his mother has been researching the phenomenon despite it not being in her field, and she has a submarine drone looking for something in the lake. Zayto recalls that the Nexus Prism dove into the Bay, wondering if it is connected to what the Morphin Masters were searching for. Despite Javi wanting to interview Dr. Akana for the weather, Ollie says she is too busy for one. Instead, Ollie offers to do the interview as he helped build the submarine.

Ollie goes off to Pine Ridge Bay to see his mom researching the phenomenon. With her laptop running slow, Ollie offers to buy her a new one. However, Dr. Akana tells Ollie he does not need to buy every new tech he sees. Unknown to them, Mucus and Slyther spy on them, wanting to know what is causing the storm so they can steal it for Void Knight. Hearing about the laptop, Slyther has a plan. Suddenly, crowds of people run away in fear, forcing Ollie to investigate. Ollie sees a Sporix cell at the Marina, where it hatches into Tidemare. Ollie calls the Rangers and morphs to fight against Tidemare. However, the Sporix Beast proves to be a challenge until the others arrive. Zayto tries to use the Blazing Dino Armor, but Tidemare cancels the fire out with his Splashnado. He fires a powerful water blast at the Rangers and runs away, with Slyther and Mucus following him.

Once the fight ends, the Rangers check on Dr. Akana to see if she is okay. Fortunately, she is, though she complains about how slow her laptop is. While Zayto, Izzy, and Amelia go back to Dinohenge for an alert on Tidemare, Javi and Ollie go back to Buzzblast for the interview. There, Jane promotes a gumball in a jar contest for a brand new X335 laptop. Seeing that piques Ollie’s interest as it was the same model he wanted, but Javi tells him to focus on the interview. Still, Ollie gets distracted by his need for the laptop and makes a guess while doing the interview. He guesses correctly and wins the laptop. However, Javi is angry at Ollie for ruining his interview, though the latter rudely tells him that the new laptop could help his story. As the two leave for the Bay, the MC hosting the contest grins sinisterly at this.

Ollie sets the new laptop up and transfers the data into it. The new laptop speeds up the process and finds an object emitting gold energy. The sub drone grabs it to drag it to the surface, but that was not what Dr. Akana wanted. She realizes somebody else is controlling the sub by hacking into her system. Javi and Ollie discuss this matter with the former noting how convenient the new laptop appeared at Buzzblast. Fearing that Void Knight could be responsible, Ollie contacts the Rangers back at Dinohenge and asks Solon to scan any foreign frequencies. Solon finds one a mile from where they are, and Zayto tells them they will meet them there.

They find Slyther, Mucus, and Tidemare in the quarry controlling the sub drone. Ollie accuses Slyther of hacking into his new laptop, but the latter reveals that he was the MC at BuzzBlast who made the competition. Slyther and Mucus teleport to the Bay to collect the object for Void Knight, leaving Tidemare to fight the Rangers. They morph, but Tidemare still proves to be a tough opponent even with their Boost Keys.

As Dr. Akana struggles to control the sub drone, she sees Slyther and Mucus walk down to the beachhead. Hiding behind her table, she sees them drag the object to shore. Once Mucus drags the object to the beach, it emits a strong light as a figure emerges from it, looking like a Power Ranger. Realizing that, Mucus and Slyther retreat as Dr. Akana watches in awe.

Back in the quarry, the Rangers continue to struggle against Tidemare as he deflects their attacks with his Splash Shield. With the Rangers knocked down, Tidemare charges at them, only to be shot down by an unknown blast. Then, the savior comes down to help them, revealing themselves as a Gold Ranger. Everybody is shocked by the appearance of this new Ranger, Zayto being the most shocked out of all of them. The Gold Ranger fires at Tidemare with a Mosa Blast, forcing the latter to summon the Hengemen for support. The Gold Ranger uses his Mosa Blade to fight against the Hengemen, even using their teeth to cut through one’s shield. Then, the Gold Ranger pulls out the Electro Dino Key and activates the Electro Battle Armor. With their attacks amplified with electricity, the Gold Ranger strikes down the Hengemen and shocks Tidemare. When Tidemare prepares a powerful water blast, the Gold Ranger combines his weapon to form the Gold Fury Blade Blaster and fires a powerful Electro Fury Blade Blast. The attack pierces through Tidemare’s water and defeats him.

With the battle over, the Rangers demorph, and all but Zayto thank the Gold Ranger for their help. The Gold Ranger greets Zayto, but before more questions could be asked, the former teleports away. Zayto wonders if that was who he thinks it is, but the moment is stopped when Izzy notices Tidemare’s Sporix Cell. Zayto takes it and says he will go back to Dinohenge while the rest of the team goes back to the Bay to check on Dr. Akana.

Dr. Akana explains that the Gold Ranger was the one causing the storm as their power was building up in the pod and ionized the air. Trying to keep their identities a secret, the Rangers play dumb and are amazed by this revelation. Still, Ollie feels guilty that his need for new technology put his mom at risk and ruined Javi’s interview. To make up for it, Ollie gives Javi his new headphones and asks if he still needs a story for Buzzblast. Before Javi can pitch his new one to Jane, the group sees her make a livestream of the biggest bubble gum bubble. This ends with J-Borg creating a giant bubble and popping gum everywhere.


Dino Fury Keys


  • When Javi performs the Hyper Strike, it cuts to Ryusoulger footage which shows the feather effects from the Hover Dino Key


  • Total Sporix Beasts Collected:
    • Void Knight: 7
    • Dino Fury Rangers: 8
  • Void Knight is absent in this episode, but is mentioned.
  • The as-of-yet unnamed Gold Ranger remains morphed throughout this episode.
  • This is the first episode to have a Sporix be destroyed before he could grow giant.
  • Ollie's new laptop's model series (X335) is a reference to the morph code of the Astro Morpher (3-3-5) in Power Rangers in Space.
  • This marks Dr. Akana's first appearance since episode 2; which makes her thirteen episode absence between appearances the longest of any character featured thus far.

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