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*14: Star Blazer
*14: Star Blazer
*16: Ninja Firebird (Helmet)
*16: Ninja Firebird (Helmet)
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NSH-Senpuujin Sword Slasher.png|Storm Megazord with Serpent Sword
NSH-Senpuujin Goat Crusher.png|Storm Megazord with Ram Hammer
NSH-Senpuujin Tortoise Hammer.png|Storm Megazord with Turtle Mace
NSH-Senpuujin Goat Hammer.png|Storm Megazord with Flail Combo
==Legendary Ranger Devices==
==Legendary Ranger Devices==

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This article is about a/an Megazord in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

The Storm Ninjazords combine to form the Storm Megazord. The Storm Megazord 's height is 100 feet and can summon the Power Spheres from its chest to use in battle. It could also use the Blizzard Flurry using the ripcord on the Lion, the Dolphin Blast, using the ripcord on the Dolphin, and the Dolphin Laser which has blue lasers come from the Dolphins eyes. The Storm Megazord was later destroyed in an explosion that also destroyed the Lothorzord.

It is known in other media as the Storm Power Megazord.

Storm Ninjazords


Blue Glass Arrow See also: Hurricane Hawk

The Hawkzord is controlled by Shane Clarke and has the power to set its wings on fire. When it is summoned, it reveals itself from the hologram of an airplane. It forms the head of the Storm Megazord.


Blue Glass Arrow See also: Hurricane Leon

The Lionzord is controlled by Dustin Brooks and has the power to create tornadoes. When it is summoned, it reveals itself from a hologram of a Ferris wheel(even though technically there's a part of a rollercoaster track that looks like it rises to touch the top of the wheel). It forms the entirety of the Storm Megazord, with the exception of the left arm and the head.


The Dolphinzord is controlled by Tori Hanson and has the power to create tidal waves. When it is summoned, it reveals itself from the hologram of a cruise ship. It forms the right arm of the Storm Megazord.

Lightning Mode

The Storm Megazord can transform into the Storm Megazord Lightning Mode, slimming it down to a megazord with humanoid features (not unlike the Red Dragon Thunderzord in battle mode) resulting in amazing speed and agility. The Storm Megazord can maintain Lightning Mode for 60 seconds. In Lightning Mode, it can use the Ramp Attack.

Power Sphere

The Power Spheres that Storm Megazord uses are:

  • 01: Serpent Sword
  • 02: Ram Hammer
  • 03: Turtle Mace
  • 05: Lion Laser
  • 06: Squid Drill
  • 07: Minizord (Head)
  • 09: Ninja Scarf
  • 13: Super Stamp
  • 14: Star Blazer
  • 16: Ninja Firebird (Helmet)

Legendary Ranger Devices

Ninja Storm Megazord Ninja Power Star

Storm Megazord Ninja Power Star

The Storm Megazord Ninja Power Star is a special Ninja Power Star that bears the likeness of the Storm Megazord and is marked with the kanji for "machine". This will be a part of the upcoming Ninja Steel toyline and it's currently unknown if it will have a in-show appearance.


  • The Storm Megazord is the first three-part combination used by a main team of 3 Rangers.
  • The Storm Megazord Lightning Mode makes this the first Megazord to have an alternate humanoid form that can be assumed without using extra parts

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