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Stop the Hate Master is a two parter making up the twelfth and thirteenth episodes of the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The 4th and 5th Zeo Serial Shorts aired before a later airing of both parts of the episode.


After Aisha is not allowed to join a club at school due to the group’s elitist leader, Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa create the Hate Master from the collective evil remains of past monsters. When the Power Rangers confront him, he turns them all against each other with hatred except for Aisha. She must now find out why she was unaffected and find a way to save her friends before it is too late.


Part 1

At Angel Grove High School, a group of female students read a paper that shows a list of the new members of the Angel Girls Club. Kimberly and Aisha make their way past the others to check the list and find that Kimberly made it in. She then checks for Aisha's name to no avail. Aisha is hurt by this, though Kimberly thinks this has to be a mistake as the Angel Girls Club is for girls dedicated to their community. Kimberly offers to talk to Veronica, head of the club, for her, but Aisha tells her to forget it as it's not that important. After she leaves, Veronica comes over and congratulates Kimberly on becoming an Angel Girls member. Kimberly asks why Aisha was not accepted, and Veronica says that she didn't have the right "qualifications". Distraught, Kimberly heads to the Youth Center to meet up with Aisha. Aisha already knows she did not get in the club because Veronica hates her, despite not having any idea as to what she did to make Veronica antagonistic to her. Kimberly sits down next to her, and promises her that she's going to find out the truth behind why she didn't get in and tells her to cheer up.

Meanwhile in the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd talks about hate, revealing that he's going to have Finster create a hate monster which will turn the Rangers against each other, causing them to destroy themselves.

Outside of the Juice Bar, the other Rangers are cleaning up a large amount of graffiti sprawled on the brick walls around Ernie's outdoor café. Ernie thanks them for the help, but does not know who did it. Bulk communicates with Skull, who is inside the Youth Center, via a headset. Skull is under the table of where the Angel Girls Club meeting is just finishing. His headset does not work, so he pulls a out a shoe phone and uses it to contact Bulk. Kimberly walks over and has a private conversation with Veronica about Aisha, stepping on Skull's fingers in the process. Veronica reveals that Aisha's family did not make the required income to join. Kimberly is appalled, pointing out that Mr. Campbell has a very good job which Veronica thinks isn't good enough. According to Veronica, the only reason Kimberly was accepted, despite not having the required income was because of her legacy: her mother was a member before her, which means she automatically gets in. Kimberly knows her mother would never want anything to do with the club in its current state, figuring that she should just quit. Veronica angrily accepts Kimberly's resignation and both girls storm out. Bulk walks in and sits at the table, and asks the injured Skull if he found out anything, Skull shakes his head no, and Bulk tells him that if they are going to find out who the graffiti bandit is, he's going to have to work a lot harder, vowing to nail the vandal even if it kills them.

Back on the moon, Finster gives Lord Zedd a handful of Magic Seeds Of Hate, which he has extracted from the evil of every monster he's ever created. Zedd pitches them off the balcony towards Earth, and once they land, Finster tells him to recite an incantation. Both Zedd and Rita do it together, causing the seeds to come to life in the form of Hate Master.

At the Outdoor Cafe, Kimberly tells Aisha the reason on why she wasn't let in the club. Aisha is hurt, having thought her family was doing great by having a nice house and not in need of anything. Kimberly agrees but wanted to be honest with her. She then picks up her bag and heads home to see her grandmother, who is in town and will give Aisha a chance to think these things over. Kim stands up and gives her hug, telling her to remember that her real friends love and accept her for who she is. Aisha thanks her and leaves, just as the other Rangers show up. Tommy asks Kim how Aisha is doing, she tells him she still seems upset. They all walk home together.

In the Moon Palace, Rita and Zedd ready their magic wand and Z-staff for the final phase of the plan; they must get something the Rangers have touched so the Hate Master can absorb it and produce Hate Dust. The Hate Monster plans to cover the Rangers with it to destroy them, and then the Earth will be theirs. Zedd plans to send Squatt down to gather the dirt the Rangers trample on when they battle the Tengas. The Rangers are walking home as Billy mentions that what the club did to Aisha was unfair. Just then, the Tengas swoop down from above attack. The Rangers are ready, morphing into their Ninja Ranger suits and fighting the Tengas.

At the Campbells' House, Aisha comes home and finds her grandmother waiting for her. Aisha explains to her grandmother about the Angel Girls club not letting her in; her grandmother asks her if she really wants to be part of something that treats people like that. Aisha says no, but it also hurt her feelings and made her mad. Her grandmother tells her to rise above it all by understanding that some people have very small minds. She hands Aisha a small box, which contains a gold necklace with a red heart-shaped crystal inside. The necklace has been in the Campbell family for generations and Aisha's grandmother tells her that whenever she feels down she will have it to remind her how much she loves her, and to remember that love conquers all.

Back at the Tenga battle, Squatt shows up and starts vacuuming up the dirt and dust kicked up by the Ninja Rangers, enough for Zedd to use. Tommy notices Squatt and thinks he's running back to Zedd and Rita. The Rangers regroup in time to watch the Tengas leave. Tommy wonders why they would just leave, opting to contact Zordon to figure out what the monster's plan is. The Rangers demorph, only to be surprised by the appearance of the Hate Master. He takes the dust Squatt collected and rubs it in his hands, absorbs the energy from it, and tosses the Hate Powder. The five Ranger teens struggle, grasping their heads in pain as they are told by the Hate Master to love to hate.

At the Command Center, the alarms go off and Alpha 5 detects a high reading of Hate Dust in Angel Grove. Zordon confirms his sensors are telling him the Rangers are being bombarded by hate particles. He tells Alpha to contact them before it's too late, as the particles are destroying the good in them. Alpha tries but is unable to reach them. When Zordon contacts the teens to tell them to teleport to the Command Center, Tommy blows up at him, telling him to give orders to someone who cares as he's tired of listening to him. The other Rangers begin to argue and insult each other because of the Hate Dust's effects. On the moon, Rita and Zedd make Hate Master grow giant.

In the Command Center, Alpha notes about how the monster has grown while the Rangers continue to infight. Zordon notes that Aisha has not been affected by Hate Master and he has Alpha contact her. When Aisha answers Zordon, he fills her in about the Hate Master poisoning the minds of the other Rangers. Aisha plans to try to talk to her friends to try and break the hate spell and teleports to the park.

Before a fight can break out between the Rangers, Aisha appears and immediately tells them to snap out of it, but is initially unsuccessful. The orange light of the hate particles suddenly swell up and fade away from the Rangers' heads, leaving them with small migraines, but otherwise devoid of hatred. Tommy wonders what's going on while the last thing Billy remembers was fighting Tengas. Aisha rushes to her teammates' side and notes the spell must have worn off. They morph, call on their Ninjazords, and head after Hate Monster.

Lord Zedd realizes the spell was not strong enough to hold the Rangers, and plans to give them a larger dose of Hate Dust. Hate Master gets the command telepathically and starts making more Hate Dust. It forms over the Ranger's heads once again, causing the previously affected Rangers to become filled hate again. Aisha, not affected by the spell, asks them what's going on, but the others decide to leave of their Zords. Demorphing as they land in the park, the five Rangers continue insulting each other. Aisha tries to talk sense into them, not understanding why she is unaffected by telling them that they are under Hate Master's spell. The others storm off, Aisha trying to get them to talk to Zordon, leading the affected Rangers to teleport to the Command Center.

At the Command Center, the five teens confront Zordon telling him they are tired of fighting for him and to do his own dirty work. Zordon tells them that their minds have been altered by Hate Dust, but the five refuse to listen, take off their Communicators, toss them on the floor and quit. Alpha tries to remind them that they are all friends, but Billy presses a button on the control panel to teleport the five back to Angel Grove. Aisha is left behind as the only one left. Aisha asks why she was immune to the Hate Master's spell. Zordon tells Alpha to run a diagnostic scan on Aisha to see why she was not affected like the others, thinking the answer might help them free the other Rangers from the evil spell. Aisha is worried, asking what will happen if it does not have the answer, and Zordon tells her that eventually, the Power Rangers will turn their powers on each other, killing themselves.

Part 2

Alpha runs the scan on Aisha to see what is protecting her from Hate Master's hate dust, but is unsuccessful. Eventually, Alpha discovers that Aisha's necklace is releasing a strong energy wave. Aisha notes it was a present from her grandmother and according to Alpha's readings, the heart-shaped stone inside it has been absorbing the energy waves of those who have handled it. Zordon points out that its energy appears to be made up of love, generosity, and caring, acting as a shield against Hate Master's dust. Mid-sentence, Zordon's facial transmission in his plasma tube begins to fade slowly, then the entire Command Center's power goes out and Zordon disappears to Aisha's and Alpha's horror.

Back at the Juice Bar, Billy is tinkering with a small device that is the apparent cause of the Command Center's shut down. Tommy walks over to Billy and says that without power, Zordon won't be bothering them. He leaves and Adam proclaims he's free to do whatever he wants as he walks away and Rocky says he wants to stay away from the others as he leaves.

Up in the Moon Palace, Zedd checks all this out from the balcony, commenting that when they're nasty, the Rangers are almost cute and is pleased that Zordon is gone and the Rangers are Hate filled. Rita struts up to her husband, making her Anniversary-ruining fears about Aisha known, telling Zedd to do something about her. He tells her not to worry, if Hate Master doesn't get her, the other Rangers will. Rita can't wait, letting out an evil giggle.

At the Command Center, Alpha is upset as he cannot restore power to the main generator or any of the backups to restore communication with Zordon. Aisha asks Alpha if he knows what could have done this and Alpha tells her only Billy knows everything about the computers running the place and that makes him dangerous, with Aisha adding all the other Rangers are potential threats now. Unless Alpha can find an alternate power source, he will be unable to transport anyone in or out and they will be trapped there forever.

At the Youth Center, Bulk and Skull, disguised as French waiters, in an attempt to find the graffiti artist, try to bring a female customer her lunch order. When another customer asks for some coffee, the duo accidently spill the woman's order onto her.

On the moon, Lord Zedd finds the situation excellent, happy about how the Rangers' hate is so great they will soon destroy each other. Zedd then turns towards the balcony and aims his Z-Staff, firing energy bolts towards Earth, saying it is time to poison the world with hate, starting with Angel Grove. The bolts cause the Hate Master to reappear in Angel Grove Park.

Bulk and Skull, still wearing their French disguises, wander through the park after getting fired from their cover-jobs as waiters. They encounter Hate Master, who casts a hate spell on them. Bulk and Skull start to turn on each other.

Aisha and Alpha 5 are still stuck in the Command Center. Alpha shouts that he hates Zedd, but realizes that's what he probably wants, so he refuses to hate him despite his anger. This analogy gives Aisha an idea on how to escape, she asks Alpha how much power it would take to teleport her out. He tells her it wouldd be a minimal amount and Aisha says that if she got out she could find what's blocking the power and shut it down. Alpha points out that they do not even have the amount of power to teleport her out, but Aisha tells him that they do, inside Alpha himself. Alpha connects his circuitry into the main computer and use his power to get it operating.

Meanwhile at the Youth Center, the affected Rangers continue to argue amongst each other and bully other patrons using the gym.

Back at the Command Center, Alpha hooks himself up to the computer console, and has Aisha flip his chest switch, causing a charge to surge out from within his own circuits. Doing so allows Alpha to pinpoint the location of the power blockage in the Youth Center. Alpha does not have enough power to transport Aisha to the Youth Center, so she opts for the park, a much closer destination. Aisha hands her necklace to Alpha, who says that he can't take it as she will be vulnerable to the Hate Master's spell. She reminds Alpha that if she can restore power to the Command Center, he's going to need her necklace to block the monster's hold on the Rangers.

Aisha teleports to Angel Grove Park, and starts sprinting off towards the Youth Center. Zedd spots her, and sends down Tengas to attack her and collect the soil she touches to give the Hate Master. Aisha morphs into Ninja Ranger mode and fights the Tengas. While she does this, two of them sneak in with the same Vacuum that Squatt used and a dust pan, collecting dust she unsettles while kicking their brethren around. Once Aisha notices the dust-collecting Tengas, the two of them teleport away, while the others rush off and fly away into the sky. Aisha reverts to her civilian clothes, unaware of the purpose of the dust, only to find the Hate Master standing in front of her. He then creates a hate particle cloud over Aisha's head, and without her necklace, she begins to stagger and is overwhelmed.

As Aisha continues being bombarded by the Hate Dust, she's brought to her knees while attempting to resist the spell. Aisha tries thinking good thoughts, remembering her conversation with her Grandmother from earlier in the day, especially the part about rising above the hate and that love conquers all. The resulting emotions are enough to cause the Hate Dust to wither away in Hate Master's hands. Hate Master then teleports away to recharge, allowing Aisha the opportunity to make a run for the Youth Center.

At the Youth Center, Adam and Tommy begin to get physical with each other. Before they can begin fighting, Aisha runs up and steps between them, reminding them that violence does not prove anything. They back off, listening to her hesitantly as she says that they are both great athletes with skills that should not be used to hurt each other. Aisha also reminds them that they are all friends, asking why they should hate each other. Despite the displeased looks on their faces, this show of love is enough to temporarily negate the Hate Master's spell, causing the orange glow to swell up. Billy hands his power draining device over to Aisha, who turns it off. This reactivates the electricity in the Command Center, turning everything back online. Alpha realizes that Aisha must have turned off the jamming device and is happy when Zordon reappears in his tube. Alpha then uses the necklace to create a positive energy beam which will counteract the hate. Zordon informs Alpha that the longer the Rangers are under the spell the harder it will be to break, so Alpha starts working as fast as he can.

In the Moon Palace, Rita takes a look in her Repulsascope and screams at Zedd as they are losing. After arguing they lock Wand and Z-Staff and make Hate Master grow again.

At The Command Center, Zordon's sensors tell him that Aisha has tried but has been unable to completely brake the Hate Master's spell on the others. Alpha finishes the Positive Energy Beam and activates it. Aisha is still at the Youth Center trying to break the spell, telling her friends to not give into hate and to listen to their hearts. Bulk and Skull sit at a table nearby, getting into an argument which almost ends with a fight when the beam is casted out. Hate Master's spell is broken from everyone it had affected. The Rangers are oblivious of their actions up to this point, just like earlier. Their Communicators go off, prompting them to sneak out into the hallway to answer them. Zordon welcomes the Rangers back, and informs them that Hate Master has returned and is attacking the city. The Rangers morph and call The Ninjazords, which they individually use along with Titanus to destroy the monster.

Later at the Juice Bar, Aisha, wearing the necklace again, joins her friends at a table with news that Diane from the Angel Girls Club asked her if she wanted to join. When Aisha's failure to make the list became known, Diane and some of the other members launched an investigation to why none of the other girls who signed up for the Club were accepted, discovering Veronica's wrongdoing. As a result of Veronica's actions, the other girls kicked her out of the club.

Bulk and Skull get behind the bar and announce to everyone that they have found the graffiti artist, having run a fingerprint test. Bulk opens it and reads that it says "Eugene Skullovitch". Bulk is puzzled as Skull realizes that he must be sleepwalking again. Ernie grabs him and asks if he's done this before; Skull reveals that he spray-painted his whole house once and points out that he was asleep and it was not his fault. Ernie says that sleep walking or not, graffiti is bad news, handing them two purple buckets and sending them to the wall to scrub off all of it.

Adam then apologizes to Tommy over their squabble earlier and Tommy says it's forgotten since they were all under the Hate Master's spell. Aisha says that they have to believe in themselves and treat others the way they want to be treated, and she feels lucky to have friends like them. The group places their hands together on the table, and promise to be friends forever.




  • The entire plot is predicated on Rita and Zedd’s anniversary but they had already celebrated it in “Ninja Quest Part I.”
  • Scorpina is mentioned in the closing credits of both episodes but does not appear in this season.
  • Dairanger and “Galaxy Rangers” are credited at the end of the credits of both episodes instead of Kakuranger.

  • When Zedd throws the seeds of evil to Earth, he pitches them downwards but they fly upwards.

  • Rita wanted a second honeymoon because of Goldar showing up during the honeymoon. In “The Wedding,” Goldar was not with them and the honeymoon was only ruined when their monster army was wiped out.
  • The Crane Ninjazord cockpit is missing the pink border when Kimberly boards.

  • Notes

    • The end credits for Part I include an extended version of the scene of Rito lamenting sending down Miss Chief from "The Potion Notion."

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