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Iwagami Bōma (イワガミボーマ Iwagami Bōma, 1) is a warrior of the Hundred Boma Tribes.

Character History


Stone Boma being sealed by Lakia

20,000 years prior to the start of the series, Stone Boma was one of the many Boma Beasts who fought in the war between the Boma Tribes and the united alliance of humans and fairies. Using their combined effort alongside the Saint Beast Lakia, Stone Boma was ultimately sealed away, with his hand sliced off and sealed separately before being dropped into the ocean.

However the sealed hand was fished up by humanity at a particular moment when fairy magic had weakened to the point of the Boma seals becoming weakened as well. The hand breaks free from its confinement on its own before returning to its sealed body, which breaks free with the hand's help. Further, using his own restored power, Stone Boma undoes an even stronger seal which ultimately frees three of the major Boma generals: Boma Doctor Lehda, Dark Boma Zimba and Princess Boma Jarmin and assisted in beginning a ceremony in the attempt to unseal the leader of the ancient Boma warriors: Great Boma Emperor Lagorn.

However Stone Boma ends up facing against five high schoolers who gain the trust and the belief in the return of the fairies after encountering the last of these being, Seelon. Becoming the Turboranger, they face Stone Boma, weakening it with a Combination Attack before finishing it off with their Turbo Laser's Plasma Shoot.


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  • His main ability is to use his stone-like body for defense and to breath fire; he likewise has a hand which he can detach from his body for long-range attacks.

Behind the Scenes


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