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Stolen Beauty is the seventeenth episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


Trakeena wants to be the loveliest girl in the galaxy, so she sends the Crumummy monster to Terra Venture to steal the beauty from all the women on the colony. Trakeena disguises herself and visits the colony to see if her plan is working. In the process, she tries to poison Mike, but he and the other Rangers figure out who she is. Mike morphs into Magna Defender and returns the beauty to its rightful owners and the Rangers defeat the Crumummy.


Onboard the Scorpion Stinger, Trakeena asks her mirror who is the most beautiful women in the universe, only for the spirit inside it, Crumummy, to tell her that there are a lot of girls on Terra Venture who are beautiful just as herself. Outraged by that, Trakeena shakes the mirror so Crumummy exits out of it, and orders the monster to go to Terra Venture and steal every women’s beauty or else she will feed him to her father. Taking the hint, Crumummy teleports to Terra Venture and begins his mission by stealing two nearby women’s beauty. As the girl’s beauty turns to sand, they are left with purple and yellow stripe marks on their faces.

Crumummy finds two more women and prepares to steal their beauty as well, but his bandages are cut by an already morphed Leo, who is soon joined by the rest of the Rangers. The Rangers manages to overwhelm Crumummy, who runs off before they have the chance to destroy him. On the Scorpion Winger, Crumummy lies to Trakeena that he has successfully stolen all the beaty from the women, but when the latter wants to go down herself to see it, Crumummy panics and says he will go back for a second look.

Trakeena teleports down to Terra Venture and transforms into a beautiful woman, capturing the eyes of the men around the area. Suddenly, Trakeena spots Mike and decides to follow him. Mike enters the local canteen to see Bulk and Professor Phenomenus working as bartenders, confusing him as he thought the two worked in the science division. Bulk admits that he and Phenomenus got fired from that job, just as Trakeena arrives, asking for a burger like Mike’s. Bulk takes Mike’s burger from him and gives it to Trakeena, but as the two men argue, she secretly plants a potion onto the burger before returning it to him. She introduces herself to Mike as Tracy, but before Mike can eat the burger, he realizes that he is running late to see his friends. Meanwhile, Scorpius begins crafting a cocoon for Trakeena as part of her final metamorphosis.

Mike brings Tracy over to the living quarters and introduces the Rangers to him, but while the men are smitten by her, Tracy scorns when she sees that both Maya and Kendrix still have their beauty. As the group goes on a walk, Maya and Kendrix try to snap the men out of their trance over Tracy, only for some rebar to nearly fall on them. Then, Crumummy appears and takes Maya and Kendrix’s beauty from them, with Tracy secretly telling him not to take her beauty. While Mike takes Tracy away to safety, the male Rangers morph and fight against Crumummy and the Stingwingers. Mike returns and takes the girls out of the battlefield, while the rest of the Rangers take out the Stingwingers, just as Crumummy runs away again. After demorphing, Mike tells Leo that he will take Tracy home, telling the others to take the girls back to the dorms.

Once alone, Tracy puts another potion into Mike’s drink, and watches him drink it to the last drop. However, the potion seemingly takes effect as Mike passes out, just as Crumummy teleports to Trakeena with the stolen beauty. Suddenly, Mike wakes up and grabs the jar, releasing the sand and giving all the women of Terra Venture their beauty back, including Maya and Kendrix. Mike reveals that he swapped the drinks around and tosses the spiked one towards Crumummy, burning the latter in the process. Leo arrives soon afterwards, and Mike explained that he knew Tracy was Trakeena as Crumummy did not take her beauty, just as she summons a squad of Stingwingers before teleporting away.

Leo and Mike morph to take on the monsters, and are soon joined by the others. With all five Rangers together, they activate the Lights of Orion, while Mike faces off against Crumummy. Although the monster ties Mike up, Kendrix comes to his aid, and the two manage to overwhelm him with their combined powers. However, Crumummy grows gianted sized, forcing the group to summon their Galactabeasts to form the Galaxy Megazord and Defender Torozord. Crumummy shoots the Galaxy’s Megazord’s leg to short out its power, but the Defender Torozord successfully counters with a Lightning Spin. Once the Galaxy Megazord is back online, Leo activates the Power Up mode, and they destroy Crumummy for good.

Later that day, Mike shows the men a magic trick which they compare to Trakeena’s disguise, and the girls in face masks, grossing Damon out until he sees what they are. On the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius introduces Trakeena to the cocoon, saying that it will shed her mortal form and become an unstoppable force like himself. However, Trakeena refuses to lose her mortal beauty and become a bug like her father and the Stingwingers, but Scorpius grabs her arm, telling her she does not have a choice. However, Trakeena escapes her father’s grasp, and teleports out of the Scorpion Stinger to parts unknown.




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