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"Stingwingers, destroy them!"
Furio commanding the Stingwingers.[src]

The Stingwingers were the insectoid army of Scorpius and later Trakeena.

Character History

Similar to past foot soldiers, the Stingwingers provide little challenge in a one-on-one battle against a Ranger and appear to lack any great intelligence. Their strength lies in sheer numbers and overwhelming force. Their appearances vary depending on the situation. Some merely have talons for hands, while others appear to have hands similar to those of the typical humanoid monster, with the ability to summon stingers for combat Tvicon.png TV STORY-Rookie in Red. All of them, however, have the ability to fly (their wings akin to those of the common house fly) and fire energy blasts from their eyes.

A Stingwinger nest

It's later implied by Scorpius that the present form of the Stingwingers is not their original, suggesting that they may have gone through a metamorphosis in a cocoon. In the finale of the season, Trakeena (under Deviot's influence) had bombs attached to them in a kamikaze-related plot to kill the citizens of Terra Venture and the Galaxy Rangers as an act of vengeance for her father and herself. Armed with bombs, the Stingwingers posed a much greater threat, both alone and in large numbers, to the Rangers and the colonists themselves. The Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords were destroyed by the Stingwingers in a attempt to keep their forces out of the marooned colony. The Stingwingers were eventually all destroyed by Trakeena's plan, because of Deviot's influence, leaving her without an army to command.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Eye Lasers: They can shoot red-orange lasers from their eyes.

    Stingwingers in flight

  • Space Survivability: The Stingwingers are also immune to the lack of pressure in space.
  • Body Modification: They can change parts of their body since they are able to turn their hands into stingers.
  • Teleportation: The Stingwingers can teleport at will. They mostly do this when they are called into battle by a monster.
  • Human Disguise: They can also disguise themselves as humans as shown in the episode The Rescue Mission.


  • Endurance: They have high endurance.
  • Oxygen Independence: They don't need oxygen to breathe in any environment.
  • Agility: They are agile in battle.
  • Strength: They have high strength and can lift up heavy things.
  • Flight: They can fly in the sky or in deep space using their wings.


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  • Stinger Hands: They can change their hands into stingers and attack their enemies by firing explosive red lasers or light green electrical nets from them.
  • Bombs: The Stingwingers were equipped with automatic bombs on their bodies by Trakeena when she was infected by Deviot's essence.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The Stingwingers are among the henchmen that appear in Power Rangers: Super Legends.
  • The Stingwingers are the last Power Rangers-exclusive foot soldiers to appear in a season produced by Saban, and second-to-last overall as of 2020.
    • Their suits were modified to create the next (and last) group of American-exclusive foot soldiers, the Tyrannodrones.
  • In Latin American, Stingwingers are named "Escorpiones" or translate to English "Scorpions".


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