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"You don’t have to be so snippy!"
―Steeleto’s last words before his first death.[src]

"Time to mow you Rangers down!"
―Steeleto when turning into a Mega-Monster.[src]

"Now that’s cold!"
―Steeleto’s last words before his second death.[src]

Steeleto is an Amikori/blade-themed Nighlok. He was younger brother of Robtish and friend of Vulpes. Steeleto serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Room for One More".


Steeleto was one of the Nighloks. He was the younger brother of Robtish and a friend of Vulpes. Steeleto wielded two blades in battle, could move very fast, and was able to attack enemies with stream of ribbons-blades. He also could perform the Steel Blade Scattershot attack. In the fourteenth episode, Steeleto arrived at Master Xandred's junk and told him and Octoroo that he wants revenge on the Rangers for his brother Robtish and friend Vulpes. Then he left. Dayu puts his success under the doubt. Steeleto attacked Panorama City and encountered the Rangers. He was successful and even Jayden didn't manage to reflect all his ribbons-blades. Then he left as he started drying. Steeleto returned, but by the time he resumed his campaign of vengeance, the Samurai Rangers had Antonio on their side. Jayden and Antonio together reflected his ribbons-blades and destroyed the Nighlok with their Barracuda Bite and Blazing Strike. Steeleto returned as a Mega Monster and used his ribbons-blades against the Samurai Megazord. However the Rangers formed the new Octo Spear Megazord and Steeleto was frozen and destroyed by its Samurai Strike.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Room for One More

Steeleto later attends a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven where he recounts his battles with the Samurai Rangers. When the party was ruined as everyone remembered his losses against the Rangers, Steeleto left with his brother Robtish. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Party Monsters


Steeleto was an arrogant, confident, and headstrong Nighlok, who won't stop to get his revenge on the Power Rangers. He was a cunning, skilled, and strong fighter, but he was shown to be good friends to Vulpes, and, despite not spending much time together at the Halloween party, it is clear that Steeleto loves his older brother Robtish very much..

Powers and Abilities


  • Rapid Spinning: Steeleto can spin for offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Gap Teleportation: Steeleto can teleport through gaps.
  • Steel Blade Scattershot: Steeleto can unleash boomerang shaped blades from his body.
  • Full Body Blades: He can attack his enemies using the blades on his body.
  • Enlarging: Steeleto can grow giant at will.


  • Superhuman Strength: Steeleto possesses great physical strength, enough to battle the Samurai Rangers.
  • Superhuman Speed: Steeleto also possesses big speed.
  • Superhuman Agility: Steeleto also possesses great agility.
  • Skilled Fighter: Steeleto is a skilled fighter.


  • Sanzu River Reliance: Like all other Nighloks, Steeleto must rehydrate in the Sanzu River to prevent the risk of drying out.
  • Immobilization from Ice: Steeleto can immobilized by ice as seen when he was frozen by the Octo Spear Megazord's ice attack.


  • Twin Nighlok Swords: He wields two swords in battle.
    • Energy Empowerment: Steeleto can slash at his opponents with white energy gathered at the tips of his swords.

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