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Steel Tiger Mask

Iron Tiger Mask.

Steel Tiger Mask (鋼鉄虎仮面 Kōtetsu Tora Kamen) is the twenty-fifth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Steel Tiger Mask lead a two-prong attack in association to attacking both a researcher father and his son in order to gain uranium-303 for the Black Cross. However while the initial attack was against the father, the main battle was in trying to get to his son in order to hold him as a hostage. During the initial Black Cross intrusion on the home, the scientist's son becomes hurt while Tsuyoshi and Peggy take him to Varitank to save him and protect him until they can reunite. However once in Varitank, Steel Tiger Mask does everything in his power to prevent the reunion from occurring, from landmines to direct assaults, with assistance from Battler ships and Black Cross Castle to prevent Varidreen from getting too close for a close rescue. When the tank nearly runs out of fuel, Akira, Daita and Kenji give them more, but the fuel line is eventually cut and the trio end up underground with Steel Tiger Mask giving them a final ultimatum. Tsuyoshi and Peggy appear to accept, only to reveal it as a bluff using one of Varitank's arms as a fake lure while they re-emerge on another part of the surface and reunite the boy and his father. After Akarenger slices off Steel Tiger Mask's fangs with his Red Bute and Momorenger blows them up, the Gorenger use Gorenger Hurricane to become a handball which Steel Tiger Mask plays with until it blows up while trying to deny he's nothing more than a cat. Ep. 80: Crimson Crossing in Enemy Territory! Escape to Hope


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Modus and Arsenal

His main weapon is a staff with a claw-like attachment at the top of it for attacks and can jump high into the air.



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Behind the Scenes

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