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Steel Starbeast GigaPhoenix (鋼星獣ギガフェニックス Kōseijū GigaFenikkusu) is one of the two Steel Starbeasts, other one being Steel Starbeast GigaRhinos, in Seijuu Sentai Gingaman.


GigaPhoenix is armed with the Giganic Boomerang (ギガニックブーメラン Giganikku Būmeran) which it can wield as a melee weapon or charge with energy and throw as a projectile. It possesses great speed and agility along with flight capabilities which it uses to outmaneuver and outflank opponents as opposed to the direct frontal assault of GigaRhinos, it can also shoot a blue energy beam through it's chest. When deployed alongside GigaRhinos, the two are able to combine into an energy cyclone attack. It and GigaRhinos were both destroyed after fighting Demon Beast Daitanix II in Gingaman vs. Megaranger. Its suit actor was Yuichi Hachisuka.


Formerly the blue phoenix-like Starbeast GingaPhoenix (星獣ギガフェニックス Seijū GingaFenikkusu), GigaPhoenix was mortally wounded when the Balban attacked and destroyed its homeworld. Its body was recovered by Dark Merchant Biznella who rebuilt it as a robot along with Steel Starbeast GigaRhinos and GigaBitus. All three Steel Starbeasts were then sold to the Balban in an attempt to destroy the Starbeasts of the Gingamen. But when the Gingamen were able to reach the hearts that still lived inside them on the night of the Star Festival, the Steel Starbeasts broke free and joined the Gingamen as allies.


When not battling, GigaPhoenix exists as the five GigaWings (ギガウィング GigaUingu) that are stored in GigaBitus' front hanger. When summoned, the GigaWings are launched from GigaBitus' mouth and combine into GigaPhoenix through the "Beast-Sky Fusion" (獣空合体 Jūkū Gattai). Both they and the GigaWheels are controlled by the spirits of their respective Starbeasts and don't require a pilot to function.

GigaWing 1

GigaWing 1: Forms GigaPhoenix's head, shoulders, and arms.

GigaWing 2

GigaWing 2: Forms GigaPhoenix's chest and back.

GigaWing 3

GigaWing 3: Forms GigaPhoenix's hips. The toy version stored the helmet.

GigaWing 4

GigaWing 4: Forms GigaPhoenix's right leg. Unlike the other GigaWings, it and Gigawing 5 are launched from the right and left "arms" of GigaBitus' Scramble Mode respectively.

GigaWing 5

GigaWing 5: Forms GigaPhoenix's left leg. Unlike the other GigaWings, it and Gigawing 4 are launched from the left and right "arms" of GigaBitus' Scramble Mode respectively.


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