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"Oh, is that what happened? Fantastic. I am amazing."
―Steel's first words upon being brought to life after Nate watched him morph.[src]

"I tried my best. I'm sorry...brother."
―Steel's final words before his demise in his Beast Bot form.[src]

"It's me, Steel!"
―Steel's first words after he was revived as a human by Morph-X[src]

Steel Silva is the Grid Battleforce Silver Ranger of the Grid Battleforce Rangers. Originally a Beast Bot that was meant to be a body to be inhabited by Evox, Steel was killed in this form. After Evox was defeated in the final battle, Steel was revived and became a human through Morph-X and the powers of the Morphin Grid.


Beast Morphers[]


Beast-morphers-05 orig

Steel before he was assembled.

Before he ever came to be, his head was first seen being carried away on a cart, along with the rest of Nate Silva's equipment as he had to make room for the lab. Tvicon TV STORY-Taking Care of Business

While Roxy and Meltatron were fighting the Rangers, Scrozzle stole chemicals and technical equipment, eventually coming across the robot's head. Scrozzle then assembled the Cybergate with the materials he had stolen. Once again, the head was seen. Tvicon TV STORY-Hangar Heist

Steel was then assembled by a forced Nate to serve as a vessel for Evox, who was about to escape the Cyber Dimension. But Nate made modifications in the robot and transformed himself into the Gold Ranger using mantis DNA. Due to the tests run by Nate, the robot also absorbed human DNA from Nate and the scarab beetle DNA and transformed into the Silver Ranger, and defeated their opponents. After the battle, he and Nate were welcomed to the Ranger team. The Beast Bot had not been given a name until he addressed himself as "Mr. Fantastic Super Handsome Strong as Steel." But Nate told him just stick with "Steel," which he agrees. Unfortunately, Evox still seeked to claim the Beast Bot's body as his own, and Roxy made him her target. Tvicon TV STORY-The Cybergate Opens


Steel is born.

Because his robotic body's supposed compatibility with Evox's data, General Burke thinks of Steel as too dangerous and therefore must be dismantled to prevent Evox's return in conjunction of the Cybergate and even dismissed him as a mere Beast Bot despite Nate rightfully pointed out at him as his brother since he is infused with his DNA. When Ben and Betty got kidnapped by Avatar Roxy and Avatar Blaze just as General Burke caught the Rangers' attempt to get him out of the Grid Battleforce base, Steel offered himself to Evox's forces to save the two. The act not only earned him recognition from the General who realized how wrong he was about him, but also cemented his status as a half-human with Nate's DNA within his system painfully rejects Evox's DNA. As this happens, Nate and the rest of the Rangers entered the scene with the former pointed such advantage before Steel destroyed the Cybergate's main computer. After the fight against Evox's minions and Grid Battleforce confiscated Scrozzle's dismantled Cybergate, Steel accepts General Burke's apology before unexpectedly literally take off his hand and gives it to him as they shake hands much to his pleasant surprise. Tvicon TV STORY-Silver Sacrifice

Against Vargoyle[]

"I'm not giving up."
"How amusing...a robotic Ranger."
―Steel and Vargoyle[src]

Steel is beaten by Vargoyle.

When Vargoyle, one of Scrozzle’s old creations, forms an alliance with Evox and later shows up to fight the Rangers at the same time a Gigadrone appears on Coral Harbor, the villain tricks Steel and the Rangers into thinking he's weak so that each one leaves in order to fight the Gigadrone until Steel is left to fight the robot alone. Unfortunately Gargoyle drops his charade and starts fighting Steel for real, damaging him until his brother shows up to save him after fixing Smash. Tvicon TV STORY-Gorilla Art

After Vargoyle arrives to fight the Rangers in the middle of a crowd, they try to fight him until they realize that he has the Ranger's powers thanks to his new Data Chip upgrade, though he escapes when his Morph-X runs out. The Rangers eventually realize that a cameraman recorded them morphing and are about to reveal it to the world as soon as the memory card is repaired, Devon and Steel don't think that having their identities revealed is a bad idea, though they both later change their mind after seeing some fans crowd around the movie star Nikki Rev, Zoey's mom eventually decided to protect the Rangers' identity and not show the footage. Tvicon TV STORY-Ranger Reveal

Steel tried to take care of a potted plant as part of a bet with his brother so he can win and get a real pet. After Vargoyle begins phase two of his master plan with Scrozzle activating Memory Pulsator on the broadcast tower, freezing everybody and erasing their memories of Evox’s previous attacks and make Grid Battleforce believe that Blaze and Roxy became Power Rangers alongside Ravi instead of becoming Avatars, Steel is the only one not affected by this because of his human-robot DNA mixture and both him and a very confused Devon try to stop Vargoyle. Vargoyle later attacks Steel after realizing that the Memory Pulsator did not affect him, Steel later convinces Devon that he is a Power Ranger. After Devon goes out to get their wrist coms back, Vargoyle blasts Spot from Steel’s hand out of spite and knocks him into the dumpster, causing Steel to mourn Spot’s death as he also lost the bet.


Steel climbing the electrified tower.

Once they arrive at the TV station, Devon and Steel find the Memory Pulsator but when they blast at it, they discover it’s protected by a forcefield. Even worse, Devon discovers that the entire tower is electrified and he cannot climb it. Steel decides to climb the tower while Devon defeats Vargoyle as he might have a better chance to get there, he climbs the tower despite the pain he's getting from the shocks and makes it up top before destroying the Memory Pulsator and get caught in the explosion as he falls, this causes Steel to shut down. With the Memory Pulsator destroyed, all of the people's memories are restored and Steel is late rebuilt. Steel later adopts a puppy that also names Spot but when a girl takes interest in him, Steel offers her Spot instead as he may not have the time to take care of him. Tvicon TV STORY-Rewriting History

Sacrifice and Resurrection[]

Steel human helmetless

Steel as a human.

Steel sacrificed himself to drain Evox, who is revealed to be Venjix's latest incarnation at that point, of most of his power by taking a devastating double energy attack to his stomach. He died but not in vain as the power loss eventually became Evox's undoing.

After Evox is defeated for good, Master Green of the Morphin Masters saw his heroic sacrifice and resurrected Steel as a human after the Morph-X went towards his body. He goes on to become a movie star, with Blaze as his stunt double. He also kept his powers and continued to act as the Silver Ranger along with his team. Tvicon TV STORY-Evox Unleashed Tvicon TV STORY-Morphin Master

Dino Fury[]

Appearance in Visions[]

Grid Battle force Rangers in Dino Fury database

When the Rafkonian Ranger Zayto from the Dino Fury Rangers read the Ninja Nexus Prism's mind he saw visions of multiples Rangers from the past, including one of Steel and the other Grid Battleforce Rangers are seen during his "death". Tvicon TV STORY-Unexpected Guest

Steel is briefly seen in a flashback via the Legendary Ranger Database alongside Ravi, Zoey, Devon and Nate whilst Ollie and Solon discover that the Compliance Collar used on Lord Zedd by Reaghoul has been used before. Tvicon TV STORY-Old Foes

Containing a Prison Break[]


Steel and his team contain a jailbreak

Izzy Garcia mentions to Fern about an action-packed television show called Kung-Fugitive that Steel is performing in it, noting how good Steel is at his role in the television show, yet she did not even know Steel was a Ranger. Fern jokes about making a reaction video to it. Others that watch Steel's show are Javi Garcia, who briefly mentions him taking down a mob boss, and Amelia Jones, who is behind on the show not wanting to hear spoilers for it. Tvicon TV STORY-Stitched Up

After a huge jailbreak at one of the Grid Battleforce facility was created by Lord Zedd, Steel and his team tried to contain some of the escaped prisoners while General Shaw contacted the Dino Fury Rangers to warn them about one of the prisoners, Lothorn heading to Pine Ridge. While the Grid Battleforce Rangers managed to contain the prison break, their old foe Scrozzle managed to escape their grasp. Tvicon TV STORY-Ultimate Mystery


Steel is a very active and super confident Beast Bot. Although he is a self-obsessed person, often using positive adjectives for himself at times, he nevertheless proved himself as a genuine brother figure to his Ranger Partner, who always wanted one, as with other Beast Bots. A testament of this was shown in "Silver Sacrifice" where he gives himself to Roxy and Blaze when the latter two holds Ben and Betty hostage in exchange for becoming Evox's body. Steel also has a yearning to become fully human and, while temporarily in Nate's body, even sings a song about the pros of being human, which is appropriately reprised at his birthday party a year after Evox is destroyed, in which he is reborn as a human.





The incomplete body for Evox before he bonded to Nate

This form is Steel's Beast Bot form. Unlike his fellow Rangers, he does not possess a human form to disguise himself as one. However Steel has the traits of a human considering that he's part human with Nate's DNA. In some circumstances, he can also go out into public without having anyone to care what he is or if he's really a robot.

Steel later lost this form after sacrificing himself to drain Evox, and revived by the Morphin Grid as a human in the finale.

Powers and Abilities[]


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Grid Battleforce Silver Ranger

This form is the Silver Ranger's default form used in battle against the Robotrons or other villainous characters. Steel can manually transform into the Silver Ranger by using his Striker Morpher and Morph-X Key. Unlike the other Rangers, Steel is a functional robot who also possesses the genetics of human DNA (Nate's DNA), which the scarab DNA then bonded with to turn him into the Silver Ranger. He retains his ability to morph following his revival as a human.

Powers and Abilities[]


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Appearances: BM S1 Episode 8-11, 13-17, 19-22; BM S2 Episodes 1-22; DF S2 Episode 12


Grid Battleforce Gold Ranger

Steel assumes the role of the Gold Beast Morphers Ranger temporarily after he switches bodies with Nate for a short time. This form is the Gold Ranger's default form used in battle against Robotrons or other villainous characters. Steel in Nate's body can manually transform into the Gold Ranger by using his Striker Morpher and Morph-X Key, however for him to be able to transform, he must be bonded with the Mantis DNA in order to morph into the Gold Ranger. He lost this form when he returned to his original body.

Powers and Abilities[]


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This form is exclusive to BM S2 Episode 16







Villain Groups[]

Evox Virus Army[]
Sledge's Crew[]
Evil Space Aliens[]
Mesogog's Army[]
Lord Zedd's New Forces[]


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Behind the Scenes[]



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Morph-X Keys[]


Steel Morph-X Key

The Steel Morph-X Key allows the user transform into Steel form through the use of the Beast-X Morpher. This Morph-X Key is only exclusive by Hasbro toyline.


Grid Battleforce Silver Ranger Morph-X Key

The Silver Morph-X Key allows the user transform into Grid Battleforce Silver Ranger form through the use of the Beast-X Morpher. This Morph-X Key is only exclusive by Hasbro toyline.


  • While his Sentai counterpart is patterned after a stag beetle, Steel’s Ranger form is based on the DNA of a scarab.
    • Steel is the first scarab-themed Ranger.
  • Despite adapting both suits for his Sentai counterpart, Steel's Ranger form is the only one featured in Sentai footage.
  • He is the second robotic Ranger that died and was revived as a human. The first is Mack Hartford, the Red Operation Overdrive Ranger.
    • In some of the action scenes, some shots would feature Steel in a slightly different helmet.


Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Steel appears in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid as a playable character in the expansion "Shadow of Venjix Theme Pack".

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