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"Oh, is that what happened? Fantastic. I am amazing."
―Steel's first words upon being brought to life after Nate watched him morph.[src]

"I tried my best...I'm sorry...brother!"
―Steel's final words before his death in Beast Bot form.[src]

" It's me, Steel!"
―Steel's first words after he was revived as a human by Morph-X[src]

Steel is Beast Morphers Silver, the Silver Ranger of the Beast Morphers Rangers. Originally a Beast Bot that was meant to be a body to be inhabited by Evox, he became human through the powers of the Morphin Grid after Evox was defeated in the final battle, in which Steel was destroyed in his Beast Bot form.

Retroactively he can be referred to as Silver Beast Morphers Ranger or Beast Morphers Silver Ranger - as a variation of his label in the show.

Character History

Before he ever came to be, his head was first seen being carried away on a cart, along with Nate Silva's equipment as he had to make room for the lab. Taking Care of Business

While Roxy and Meltatron were fighting the Rangers, Scrozzle stole chemicals, technical equipment, and then came across the robot's head. Scrozzle then assembled the Cybergate together with the materials he has stolen and the head was seen again. Hangar Heist 

Steel is born

Steel was then assembled by a forced Nate to serve as a vessel body for Evox, who was about to escape the Cyber Dimension. But, Nate made modifications in the robot and transformed himself into the Gold Ranger using Mantis DNA. Due to the tests run by Nate, the robot also absorbed Human DNA from Nate and the Scarab Beetle specimen DNA and transformed into the Silver Ranger, and defeated their opponents. After the battle, he and Nate were welcomed to the Ranger team. The Beast Bot had not been given a name until he addressed himself as "Mr. Fantastic Super Handsome Strong as Steel." But Nate told him just stick with "Steel," which he agrees. Unfortunately, Evox still seeked to claim the Beast Bot's body as his own, and Roxy made him her target. The Cybergate Opens

Steel sacrificed himself to drain Evox, who is revealed to be Venjix's latest incarnation at that point, of most of his power by taking a devastating double energy blast to his stomach. He died but not in vain as the power loss eventually became Evox's undoing.

Steel human helmetless.jpg

After Evox is defeated for good, Steel was somehow reincarnated as a human after the Morph X went towards his body. He goes on to become a movie star, with Blaze as his stunt double. He also kept his powers. Evox Unleashed

Family Members

  • Mr. Silva: Genetic Father
  • Mrs. Silva: Genetic Mother
  • Nate Silva/Beast Morphers Gold: Genetic Younger Brother


Steel is a very active and super confident Beast Bot. Although he is a self-obsessed person, often using positive adjectives for himself at times, Steel nevertheless proved himself as a genuine brother-figure to his Ranger Partner, Nate Silva, who always wanted one, as with other Beast Bots. A testament of this was shown in Silver Sacrifice where he gives himself to Roxy and Blaze when the latter two holds Ben and Betty hostage in exchange for his body for Evox. He has a yearning to become fully human, and, while temporarily in Nate's body, even sings a song about the pros of being human, which is appropriately reprised at Steel's birthday party a year after Evox is destroyed, and Steel is reborn as a human.

Beast Morphers Silver


The incomplete body for Evox before he bonded to Nate

This form is Steel's Beast Bot form, unlike his Ranger allies, he does not possess a human form to disguise himself to be like a human, however Steel has the traits of a human considering that he's part human with Nate's DNA. In some circumstances, Steel can also go out into public without having anyone to care what he is or if that he's really a robot.

Steel later lost this form after being destroyed by Evox and revived by the Morphin Grid as a human in the finale.


Beast Morphers Silver

This form is the Silver Ranger's default form used in battle against the Robotrons or other villainous characters. Steel can manually transform into the Silver Ranger by using his Striker Morpher and Morph-X Key. Unlike the other Rangers, Steel is a functional robot who also possesses the genetics of human DNA (Nate's DNA), which then the scarab DNA also bonded to his human DNA turning him into the Silver Ranger. He retains his ability to morph following his rebirth as a human.



Appearances: BM S1 Episode 8-11, 13-17, 19-22, BM S2 Episodes 1-22

Behind the Scenes



  • Steel is the second non-human Power Ranger to use the same costume for his unmorphed form as his Sentai counterpart after Zenowing from Power Rangers Dino Super Charge.
  • Steel being half-human and half-robot have given him some advantages.
    • Being half-human made Steel able to morph into a Ranger and to resist Evox's attempt to take over his body.
    • Being half-robot made Steel immune to brainwashing by Vargoyle's Memory Pulsators.
  • While his Sentai counterpart is patterned after a stag beetle, Steel’s Ranger form is based on the DNA of a scarab.
    • Steel is the first scarab-themed Ranger.
  • Steel shares the title of the Sixth Ranger together with Nate. The last time two Rangers shared this title at the same time was in RPM, where interestingly, Gem and Gemma also were Gold and Silver Ranger duo.
  • Steel is the second Ranger to turn from a robot into a human, with the first being Mack Hartford. Similarly, it was due to their desires to become human that triggered the change.
  • He is also the second character in the series who was turned into a human after Captain Chaku, though Steel was born a robot and Chaku was originally a human who later became a cyborg.
  • Steel is the first Ranger in the Hasbro Era to die and get resurrected.
  • Despite adapting both suits for his Sentai counterpart, Steel's Ranger form is the only one featured in Sentai footage, as Beet J. Stag spent most of his time around Japanese people when un-morphed.
  • Steel being revived as a human after he's destroyed is similar to Mack Hartford who started out as an android and was brought back to life as a human by the Corona Aurora.


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