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"Wait! What are you doing?!"
―Final words before Death[src]

The Steamloid (スチームロイド, Suchīmuroido) is a Metaloid that Enter created upon infecting a factory pipe with the "rust" MetaVirus to prevent the Go-Busters from releasing their Buster Vehicles or MegaZords, while he reworked Tokyo Enetower to Vaglass' diabolical plans.

This Metaloid has the ability to convert water to a unique steam that can rust the special alloy the Buddy Roids and MegaZords use to the point and renders them unworkable, as was the case of using it on Nick, Gorisaki, and Usada. It is also because of this steam that his body couldn't work in concert with any of the Vaglass MegaZords either.

Steamloid is very work-oriented and speaks like a cross between a street mobster and a rather extreme communist. He believes that one must not use too many resources in a job, and also believes that if a person is not suited to work he shouldn't exist.

Red Buster damaged him by clogging his pipes with stones. After his pipes are destroyed, his produced steam diluted enough for Enter to transport four blank slate Vaglass Megazords and his Megazord Epsilon, Steamloid is destroyed by the Go-Busters while falling from Tokyo Enetower.



An alternate version of Steamloid existed as part of the Machine Empire Mechalius, the evil force which threatened Earth in place of Vaglass in the alternate reality of the Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters. He fought in the initial invasion with an alternate Fanloid against the Go-Busters who entered "Animal Crush Formation", stacking into the "Go-Buster Tower" and shooting them with their Ichigan Busters, then finishing them off with the Go-Buster Ball. Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Returns vs. Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters

Powers and Abilities

  • Rustify Steam: Since Steamloid was created from a factory's pipe, he used a special steam that allows him to rust the special alloy on both the Beast Roids and MegaZords to the point and renders them unworkable.


  • Identification Number: K-10
  • Install Metavirus: SABIRU
  • Production Motif: Factory Pipe
  • Height: 209 cm
  • Weight: 274 kg


  • Steamloid's suit actor is Yugo Fujii.
  • He is currently the only Metaloid without a MegaZord counterpart, as in the movie, one of each MegaZord appeared, with none of them sporting any of Steamloid's parts. This is due to the fact that his steam prevents any MegaZords from being around him.
  • In the theatrical version, he was focused on the task of filling up with water and steaming up the surrounding area. In the director's cut, he actively attempted to hurt any children that got in his way.


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