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"Chugga-chugga-choo! I am SL Jamen! (シュポー!わしSLエスエル邪面ジャメンさまじゃ! Shuppō! Washi wa Esu Eru Jamen-sama ja!)"
―Steam Locomotive Jamen's first words.[src]

"Now departing! (出発しゅっぱつ進行しんこう~! Shuppatsu shinkō!)"
―First words when he is ready to start.[src]

"Please stand behind the white line! (白線はくせん内側うちがわにおがりくださーい! Hakusen no uchigawa ni osagari kudasāi!)"
―Railroad's reference.[src]

"Now I can't finish the magic circle! (これじゃ魔法陣まほうじん完成かんせいしない~! Kore ja mahōjin ga kansei shinai!)"
―His words after his smokestack got jammed.[src]

"Was my era over? (わし時代じだいわっていたのか? Washi no jidai wa owatte ita no ka?)"
―His final words before his death.[src]

Steam Locomotive Jamen, abbreviated SL Jamen (SL邪面 Esu Eru Jamen), is a steam locomotive-themed gold body Jamenshi of the Dark Empire Yodonheim whose dark energy was used to release Diesel Basra.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Dashing: SL Jamen is capable of dashing at super speed and can be enhanced by using a piece of coal at the back of his Jamen.
  • Smoke: While dashing, he can produce smoke out of his smokestack. This smoke was used to try and complete a magic circle in order to create a dark area around a section of a city.
  • Enhanced Durability: Possibly due to the theme of his Jamen, he can withstand any known attacks (a primary example being able to withstand several hits from the Kiramai Shot). This does not apply to his body though as he was able to be tripped by the Kiramai Sword
  • Enhanced Strength: He was able to plow through an entire building and reduce it to rubble afterwards. He could also push at full strength, even with the core five Kiramagers pushing against him.
    • Shockwave Punch: When his punch connected with Takamichi's punch, he created a shockwave (though this caused him to fly backwards).


  • Coal Bags: He has a set of coal bags in which he stops by to change at various points in the city. He can also use the coal to power himself up.


  • Blockage: If his smokestack becomes jammed, he will be unable to produce any smoke.


  • Height: 188 cm
  • Weight: 172 kg
  • Jamen: Steam Locomotive

Behind the Scenes


SL Jamen is voiced by Kan Tanaka, who, perhaps coincidentally, was also the Japanese voice actor (at the time of SL Jamen's appearance) for Sir Topham Hatt on Thomas & Friends.



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